1 ‘TERRORIST’ with Suicide Vest Shot Dead and 2 INNOCENT Killed in “London Stabbing Attack”

London (United Kingdom): Two men of the public have died at the stabbing attack at the London Bridge in this incident police, too, encountered the suspect. The police confirmed the information that it was the terrorist attack on the public that was unsuccessful by the police authorities.

The police shot the suspect who was having the knife in his hand and was wearing a hoax explosive device.

However, it was confirmed that it was a fake hoax explosive device that was worn by the man.

The male suspect was fired by specialist armed force from the City of London Police, and It has been confirmed that this suspect died at the scene.

1 ‘TERRORIST’ with Suicide Vest Shot Dead and 2 INNOCENT Killed in “London Stabbing Attack”

The special counter-terrorism policing team was investigating this case for a long time ago. Finally, they got the information about this man when he suddenly came out and started stabbing and engaged in the struggle to catch him up.

Official information has yet to arrive from Neil Basu, the head of UK counter-terrorism policing. When police started firing, the person got injured, with the bullets died on the spot. There are videos going viral of this incident. There were many eyewitnesses present at the time of the event. The BBC journalist John McManus, who was at the scene as it unfolded. But as it was the case of stabbing, the public was in a panic to save their lives.

The man was trying to do something big against the public of London.

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