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19 Days Chapter 423 release date is announced, it is set to release on 27 March 2023. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.

There will be some delay in the RAW release and the release of the translated version. This Countdown will help you track the release of 19 Days Chapter 423.



19 Days Chapter 423 Release Date

19 Days is a very popular Manga series created by Mangaka Old Xian. It is an ongoing series and the chapters are usually released every 10 days or so.

Seeing the previous release date of all the chapters we can calculate that it takes 2 weeks for the next chapter to release Therefore we can predict that 19 Days Chapter 423 is going to release on 27 March 2023.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

19 Days Chapter 423 Release Date Countdown


19 Days Chapter 423 Raw Scan Release Date

As the release date for Chapter 423 of 19 Days is set for 27 March 2023, Many people are wondering if they could find the raw scan of the chapter.

Well they could, this is because the raw scan of a particular chapter releases 2-3 days before the release of the actual chapter. Therefore you can find 19 Days Chapter 423 Raw Scan on Internet communities such as 4chan and Reddit.

19 Days Chapter 423 Raw Scan Release Date Countdown


All You Need to Know About The 19 Days Series

The strange thing about 19 Days is that you get to know the names of its four main characters–Jian Yi, Zhan Zheng Xi, He Tian, and Mo Guan Shan after reading at least a hundred pages of the Manga.

To give each couple of friends a story of their own, Old Xian has grouped the four boys into groups of two. The readers are allowed a brief insight into the past of each of the characters who are best friends.

Then, we are brought back to the present where a couple of friends establish a new start to their relationship after we get to know that Jian Yi and He Tian had left their partners for some mysterious reason. Again, we get to experience some snippets from the past to get an idea about the backstory of each of the boys.

In the beginning, the story only had two protagonists–Jian Yi and his childhood friend Zhan Zheng Xi. In the very first chapter, we see the messy Jian Yi being very fond of his friend, Zhan Zheng Xi.

But, on the other hand, Zhan Zheng Xi hates skinship and we can find him often packing brutal punches aimed at Jian Yi.

In an interesting turn of events, Zheng Xi tells us–the readers–about how Jian Yi suddenly disappeared on the second day of high school.

As the story progresses, we later get to know about all the stuff going on behind the scenes of this “happy” manhua. As the story progresses, Zhang Xi warms up to his good friend Jian Yi after finding out that Jian Yi has been crushing on him for a long time.

Now, a new character enters–He Tian. He is Jian Yi’s good-looking friend as well as the “hottie” of the four. His romantic interest is Mo Guan Shan, who is the rule-breaker type. Mo and the others fail to start off on the right foot.

However, they soon accept him as one of their own and include him in their tribe although he “hates” them. Tian is rather aggressive with Mo, which makes the latter genuinely hate him and his affection. Again, he slowly warms up to all three of them on his own terms.

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