2 Dead & 2 Injured 2nd “Mass Shooting” after 10 people were Shot in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS: Ten people were shot and injured on Sunday near the French Quarter in New Orlean. The same day after a few hours, in another part of town, another shooting killed two men found injured.

Police told both shootings are under investigation, and authorities did not immediately draw any connection between them.

Two of the ten people shot on Canal Street near the French Quarter were in critical condition, and were immediately admitted to the hospitals, Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson told, No arrests were announced till midday Sunday, and police did not immediately release conclusion about any sufferer.

2 Dead & 2 Injured 2nd “Mass Shooting” after 10 people were Shot in New Orleans

“What happened in our city overnight was a cowardly and senseless act that we cannot and will not tolerate,”

-Ferguson told in a statement.

He also added New Orleans had seen a significant reduction in violent crime over the past four years.

Ferguson told that a person of interest had been detained, but it was not immediately clear whether the person had any connection with the shooting happened.

The first round of shooting happened about 3:20 a.m. on a busy commercial block of Canal Street that was filled with streetcar tracks and is near many hotels.


Police initially said ten people were wounded. They later said 11 were injured, but the police department then sent a statement saying the correct number was 10.

The shooting on Canal Street happened near the place where ten people were shot, one of them deadly, on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter on Nov. 27, 2016. One man was charged in the attempt of manslaughter and obstruction of justice, but jurors could not reach a judgment on a second-degree murder charge. Another man awaits trial.

The shooting Sunday afternoon that killed two men and wounded two others happened in a residential area about 3 miles (5 kilometers) north of the French Quarter.

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