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9 DEAD including CHILDREN & 3 Seriously Injured in Plane Crash in Idaho, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: According to the Authorities from the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) a small plane with 12 People  Crashed in South Dakota KILLING 9 On Board. There 2 Children among the people who lost their lives.

According to Peter Knudson from NTSB, the plane, Pilatus PC-12 took off from Chamberlain and shortly after taking off crashed nearly 140 miles W. of Sioux Falls at around 12:30 pm

Authorities say that the plane was headed to Idaho Falls when the incident occurred. After the reports of the incident were confirmed Emergency Responders and Police were immediately called to the scene.

It has been confirmed that 9 People have lost their lives in the incident. The other 3 were immediately transported to the nearest medical facility. However, their current condition is still unknown.

Personals from NTSB are also on the scene and currently investigating the crash site to look for probable cause for this accident.

Interstate 90 going from Wyoming border to Chamberlain has been closed off due to this accident.

This is a developing story so stay with Herald Journalism for further updates.

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Heidi Klum, 46, Looking HOT & STUNNING in Steamy BIKINI Photo along with husband Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum 46-year-old flaunted her steamy bikini with his husband Tom Kaulitz on her Instagram profile. They both get married in 2019. The German guitarist, who is younger than the victoria secret’s icon Tom Kaulitz has pulled his wife up in the sky.

The image looks like the model has been taken out from the water and has bent her head.

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……… as long as its you and I ❤️

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

The couple has been enjoying their beach vacation. The photo has been taken at an eternity pool in Mexico. She posted this picture with the caption as long as it’s you.

Heidi Klum was looking gorgeous and super sexy in her steamy bikini. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are looking awesome together. They always flaunt their love for each other, either in public or Instagram.

They both are happy together and wholly fallen for each other.

Heidi Klum has no upcoming plans for expanding her family with Tom Kaulitz. She is in no hurry, according to sources.

Now we are excited to see what these couples are planning to do on Christmas and new year for each other. We are eagerly waiting to see them again, flaunting their perfect love. They both look excellent with each other.

The couple has been very active regarding their relationship and connection with each other. They have set the internet on fire again with their sizzling chemistry.

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Is “Castlevania Season 3” releasing TODAY on Netflix, 1 December 2019 Release Date True??

A rumor is spreading that Castlevania season 3 is going to land on Netflix in December 2019. The information is that Castlevania is going to stream on 1st December in this year only.

Castlevania was among the best two animated series on Netflix. The first season consisted of 4 episodes, and then the second season was produced. And last year season 3 development was announced to inform Castlevania fans.

The Castlevania season 2 ended on 26th October 2018. Yes, we have waited more than one year to watch the new season 3 of Castlevania, but let’s hope for the best.

Confirmed: "Castlevania Season 3" is COMING to Netflix this DECEMBER 2019, Plot & More

The rumor that set the fire was extracted from twitter. The tweet was done by Netflix Nordic. In the tweet is was stated that Castlevania 1/12. So the audience predicted that Castlevania might get air on 1st December 2019.  Or maybe it was mistakenly posted by the account.

As the official account of Netflix didn’t post it nor the final list of December includes the name of Castlevania in it, so there are chances that it might not eventually` happen.

Though it was not the first time, Netflix released dates with errors and mistakes. They have done this many times, and rumors caused due to the negligence.

We still wait for any official announcement or declaration from Netflix regarding Castlevania season 3. As it was just a rumor, and we don’t have the final confirmation from Netflix.


Netflix’s “Sex Education Season 2” CONFIRMED for 2020, Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

The first season of the British Comedy-Drama series ‘Sex Education’ has been a big hit on Netflix. It focuses on a young group of people trying to manage sex and relationships, as well as their own identities. Due to this interesting plot, the show has been an explosive on the internet.

But, season 1 ended on an open-ended note, which means that there’s still a lot that is left to be explored. Hence, the makers have confirmed that there is Season 2 for this show and will be aired soon on Netflix.

The filming for season 2 has officially started, and we are expecting that it will air by early 2020. The makers claim that the next season will be bigger and better than the first one.

When is Sex Education Season 2 coming on Netflix? Release Date, Plot, Cast & More
When is Sex Education Season 2 coming on Netflix? Release Date, Plot, Cast & More
When is Sex Education Season 2 coming on Netflix? Release Date, Plot, Cast & More
When is Sex Education Season 2 coming on Netflix? Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

Season 2 will also revolve around ‘Otis’ as the main character, and we are excited about it because he has been a great lead actor as he is relatable to a lot of teenagers. Thus, they can closely relate to his life. Otis is a socially awkward high school student whose mother is a sex therapist. He, along with his friend Maeve opens a Sex Clinic in School to impress the people there.

The makers hinted that the show could go anywhere in the near future, and thus, we are expecting an explosive Season 2 next year. The makers said that “Can’t wait for you to see what mischief we got up to this time around for Season 2.”

After the release of the teaser for Sex Education Season 2 people got really Excited. As 2019 is almost coming to an end and along with the recent Photo Release we could expect filming to wrap up in the next couple of months. This means that the next adventure of Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey is just around the corner and we could expect Season 2 to release next year around February. This lines up perfectly as it would be one whole year after the release of Season 2’s Teaser.

So yes, we eagerly wait for this huge show’s sequel and hope to binge-watch it very soon.

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Doctor Who star “John Barrowman Dead” trending on reddit after suffering Serious Neck Injury, He is NOT DEAD

John Barrowman has been hospitalized and heavily injured. He has got a severe neck injury and got plaster on his hand.

He was immediately taken to medical care after his injury. But his popular show Fabulous Christmas show seems to be delayed because of his severe injury.

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I'm devastated to have to tell you that due to a severe neck injury, which has made it impossible for me to sing & move, I've been rushed to hospital for a diagnosis. The Doctors have advised me to not perform this weekend while I try and recover, so I've had to make the very difficult decision to cancel my performances at the Bristol Hippodrome on Saturday 30th November and at the SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, on Sunday 1st December. I am so disappointed and upset as I was looking forward to seeing you all, I feel I am letting everyone down, but it's simply not possible for me to do the show in my current condition. We have thankfully managed to open the Oxford New Theatre concert (Sat 14th December) for Bristol audience members to transfer to, and we have managed to move the Glasgow date to Tues 3rd December so I really hope you will be able to still see me have A Fabulous Christmas. All my love, John x

A post shared by John Barrowman MBE (@johnscotbarrowman) on

He announced his injury on his official twitter handle and informed his fans about his injury. He said he is distraught and devastated to report that the show is going to be delayed, and also he won’t be able to perform and dance due to his injury.

The Doctors have suggested not to perform this weekend while I am trying to recover, so I’ve decided to take the tough decision to cancel my performances at the Bristol Hippodrome on Saturday, 30th November, and at the SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, on Sunday 1st December.

John Barrowman’s doctor, who seasons 12, is going to hit screens soon. There are chances that it may also get delayed due to the star’s injury. We hope he may get well more quickly. His season 12 premiere stands to cancel till Christmas. He has apologized to his fans for canceling and delaying his hows and events. But he will get back soon to entertain us!

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2 Children DEAD, 1 MISSING in Arizona Flood after their Car got Stuck

Gila County (Arizona): Out of three children, two found dead, and one is still missing in the Arizona floods. These children got stuck in the car and didn’t managed to escape outside the vehicle and were swept by the floodwater. Only one child was identified who died was a 5-year-old young boy.

2 Childred DEAD, 1 MISSING in Arizona Flood after their Car got Stuck

The investigation is still going on to found the third child.

A flood warning was in effect for Gila County until 8:45 pm on Friday, revealed by the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

However, the rescue operation is under process, but there are fewer chances to find out the third child.

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1 Women DEAD & 2 Children Injured in Multi Vehicle Crash in South LA

Los Angeles:  1 woman died and 2 children injured in a car crash that includes an SUV.

The dead woman has been identified as Monique Prado, who was driving with her 12-year-old daughter on Thursday. She was banged by a car that crossed the red light at Russell and Durango. The 12-year-old daughter was able to get out of the car and escape. She somehow managed to save herself from serious injury.

The accident happened on Friday at Green Meadows neighborhood of South Los Angeles. This accident was reported at around 11:30 pm.

The incident was recorded at 800 block of East Colden Avenue, just east of McKinley Avenue, confirmed by Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Nicholas Prange.

The reason behind the collision and relationship between the victims is still not apparent.

Police authorities are still investigating the accident that happened.

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Update: Power Back in Santa Clara, California after Massive Power Outage that left over 3000 people without Power

SANTA CLARA, California: Power was restored to more than 3,100 users after an outage abandoned them in the gloom on Saturday in Santa Clara.

The power outage has affected Silicon Valley Power customers in the southwest part of the city, according to the utility told.

Silicon Valley Power told a “troubleshooter” is responding to the outage.

No additional information was immediately available.

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Update: 51 Confirmed Dead & 2000+ Injured in Albania Earthquake, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Albania: The Albania earthquake rescue and search operation have been finally ended, and the information has been announced. The total death caused in the Albania earthquake has been reached to 51 people, and it is assumed t

hat no more dead bodies are left in the ruin area.

There are more than 1,456 buildings in the capital of Tirana and 900 in nearby Durres in Tuesday’s earthquake. The earthquake caused significant destructions and was 6.4 magnitude.

2,000 people got injured, and 4,000 people are homeless. Out of 4,000 people, 2,500 people have been provided shelters at hotels. The rest of the homeless people are moved to eastern Albania and Kosovo.

The president of Albania has promised to provide stronger homes to all the homeless people till 2020.

The government has also revealed that they will take strict action against the constructors and architects who have violated the construction laws will be behind bars for 15 years.

All the destructed houses have been under assessment to caught the guilty behind the exploitation.

The actors who belong to Albania are also appealing to the public to come up with help for the homeless peoples. Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and Bebe Rexha are requesting from their social media handles.

Ritu Ora also said that she will help in constructions a home for a homeless family and will directly contribute towards the family as much as she can.

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65-year-old man KILLED & Multiple Injured in Multi-Vehicle crash on Highway 77 bridge in Nebraska

Wahoo, Neb:  2005 GMC pickup truck lost its control, and a man got killed by the out of control vehicle. Four vehicles collapsed on the Highway 77 bridge just west of town around 6:30 pm on Thursday.

A woman was driving 2005 GMC truck spun twice and hit the cemented barrier of the overpass. A man, identified as Gene Lefler of Bennington, 65-year-old, got out of his vehicle and began walking along the footbridge to check on the other driver. But he got stuck to the GMC pickup truck.

65-year-old man KILLED & Multiple Injured in Multi-Vehicle crash on Highway 77 bridge in Nebraska

Gene Lefler lost his control and fell 60 feet to the railroad tracks below. He was traveling with his family. Lefler was immediately taken to the nearby Saunders Medical Center. Later, he was transported to a hospital in Lincoln, where he was pronounced dead when admitted.

The incident mentioned above included two more vehicles collided in the icy, chain-reaction pileup. Fortunately, none of the others involved were injured.