The Comeback of Atreyu and Childlike from NeverEnding Story After 35 years is Beautiful

The Neverending Story’s 1984 fantasy film stars have been united after 35 years, i.e., three-and-a-half decades. Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) and the Childlike Empress (Tami Stronach) were joined again at New York City’s Wintercon, speaking together at a panel regarding the director Wolfgang Petersen’s film.

The fantasy film got its popularity because of the theme prominence in the most recent season of Stranger Things. Noah Hathaway and Tami Stronach both posted their photos of reuniting on their Instagram and Twitter profiles. Captioning as the Neverending joined for fans.

The Comeback of Atreyu and Childlike from NeverEnding Story After 35 years is Beautiful

They both seem to be happy when they both met each other. Now the fantasy epic will finally have a joining end if this pair can collaborate with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo), and original singer Limahl to cut a new cover of “The NeverEnding Story.”

The most amazing fact is that they both united and seen together for the very first time in the time period of 35 years. They both may have chances to hit the screens together and surprise their fans after 35 years.

The fans of both the actors are happy to see them together. Rumors are that they were not talking to each other due to their differences with each other. But finally, they have sorted everything and gave their fans this tremendous happy new year’s gift. Though it is just a rumor, we don’t know the exact reason for this time gap.

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