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Jersey City Shooting Update: 6 DEAD including 1 Officer in Active Shooter incident, New Jersey

New Jersey: 6 people have been killed, including one Police Officer in an active shooting incident that has been reported during a standoff in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Tuesday.

Continuous sounds of gunfire could be heard in Jersey City for at least 20 seconds.
At least one police officer was a deadly shot and killed. Other police officers are heavily injured in the active shooting.

Many civilians and officials got injured in the gunfire. And two of the officers and one civilian were stabilized with medical care who got injured in the shooting. The two suspects are reported to be dead inside the building. There are possibilities of many people killed, the bodies of the dead that includes civilians and police officials are said to be inside the building. Jersey City Shooting Update: 6 DEAD including 1 Officer in Active Shooter incident, New JerseyThe robot was sent inside the building to analyze the shooting happened.  The building where the shooting happened is said to be a departmental store. Authorities have not revealed the intention behind the shooting; they have said that it is not clear about the indication of terrorism, or it was just a psychic shooting.

Sources are that one shooter has been caught alive and has been neutralized. Schools and colleges near the area are locked down for security measures and police investigation. People are also requested not to come outside as precautions.

This is a developing story. Stay Tuned with Herald Journalism for further updates

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