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City issues Cold Weather Alert for Deadly Temperatures in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!!

The city of Hamilton’s┬ámedical authority of health has released cold weather alert as frigid temperatures set in for the whole day and after sunset.

According to Environment Canada, the temperature will fall to minus 15 C this evening and minus 22 overnight. The agency also expects a few swirls.

Cold weather alerts are generally released when weather conditions are at or below minus 15 degrees Celsius or minus 20 with the wind chill. It will remain in effect till the city issues a cancellation notice.

City issues Cold Weather Alert for Deadly Temperatures in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!!

People can take help from the Salvation Army by alerting them of the location of a person in need of shelter by calling on 905-527-1444 ext. 0.

It is insisted on staying indoors to save yourself from cold. Also, it is instructed to wear multiple layers of clothes to prevent yourself from cold winds. The initial layer and rest of the sheets should be dry to prevent you from cold. You should all call and check your family, friends, and neighbors who all are in need. Help each other to save each other.

The alert has been issued until the weather conditions become normal. Also, the city’s recreational centers will be available for providing shelters for everyone. If you need to go out, ensure you cover your face, ears, and mouth accordingly so that you won’t feel cold winds.

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