Dark season 3: Release Date and everything you should to know

Do you know how a family tree formed? -yes, but what if people travel over different timelines? Can you figure out what? The Dark series is just like who born between chicken and egg in the first film. It ended 2 seasons of 18 series. Season 3 expected to debut in the fall of 2020 or mid-2021.


A Journey Through Time:

The season broke down into four Doppler, Neilson, Kahrnwald, and Tidemann families. Doppler’s family, as husband and wife, consists of Bernd and Greta, who gave birth to Helga, who will create the time machine. Noah and Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte, who married Peter, son of Helga, they both have Mary, a baby girl.

Dark season 3: Release Date and everything you should to know

Agnes is Toronto’s grandma, who marries Jana and gives birth to three children named Ulrich. Ulrich married Katrina and has three sons, Magnus being the older one, Mather being the middle one, and Mikkel being the younger. Ines Kahrnwald has a son named Michael, who has a boy named Jonas and is married to Hannah.

People go missing and teleported through three dimensions in the show, with a difference of 33 years, 2019, 1986, and 1953. Mikkel, the son of Ulrich, lost because of a Time Travel wormhole created by Helga.

The death of Mikkel leads Ulrich to miss his son again. Ulrich found out that because of Helga, his uncle Mads and Mikkel went missing. Now, he’s living in 1953, where Helga, an 11-year-old boy who gets Ulrich killed. Helga’s parents find out about Ulrich, however, and arrested in 1986.

Time Traveling By Jonas:

Jonas was moving time to stop his father, Michael, but he thwarted by the future Jonas because if the younger Jonas kills Michael, he never born. We also see Noah as the evil character in the whole show, creating a time-traveling chair with Helga and playing with Mags, Ulrich’s brother, who flies in 2019 but was not happy because of the Time-traveling chair.

These events continue to occur in a sequence in which the past represents the future, and the future reflects the history, Like a loop. I hope this Loop breaks, and we find missing people like Agnes, Helga,, and Claudia’s husband from the family tree.

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Is Good Witch Season 6 returning on Netflix? Release Date, Cast and More.

Future of Good Witch on Netflix may not be guaranteed. Fans may be disappointed.

Hallmark’s top-rated fantasy comedy-drama series the Good Witch follows the lives of Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace living in the fictional town of Middleton. Cassie and things get interesting when their handsome neighbor Dr. Sam Radford and his son move to Middleton. Cassie and her daughter both are witches and possess magical awareness.

Goodbye Grace

Hallmark concluded season 5 of the show in August 2019. Season 6 was announced in July 2019. It has been confirmed that actress Bailee Madison who plays Grace Russell, will not be returning for Season 6. Some fans expressed concerns as to how well the show run after the departure of one of the major actresses.

Availability in the USA

Season 4 of the Good Witch was released on Netflix in July after Season 5 started airing on Hallmark. United States Netflix gets the new season last amongst all the Netflix regions; this indicates the fact that Season 5 may be released in the USA somewhere in the mid-2020s. Assuming that same timeline is followed, we may see Season 6 of the hit fantasy comedy-drama somewhere in the middle of 2021.

Is Good Witch Season 6 returning on Netflix? Release Date, Cast and More.

International Regions

In regions other than the USA, such as the United Kingdom and Australia new season is released few months after the new season is telecasted, so Season 5 of the Good Witch was released in December 2019 for some regions. For Season 6, it will be sometime in the last few months of December 2020.

Uncertain Future

Not to play a spoilsport, but after observing the trends of the last few years, it should be mentioned that comedy-fantasy show the Good Witch may altogether be removed from Netflix as most of the series created by Hallmark have departed from the online streaming platform especially in the USA.

There is no such official declaration about the storyline or new cast members of the Good Witch Season 6.

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Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

Netflix’s crime series Mindhunter will be back on the platform, but no one knows when. Its first 2 seasons attracted a lot of attention and love from the public. Fans have now started to scroll the screen to find season 3, but disappointment so far.

To learn more, let us take a deep dive into the details of the show.

Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

It is based on the story of 2 FBI agents, Douglas & Olshaker. With years of experience gained by investigating severe crimes, interrogating serial killers & rapists, they have developed new psychological techniques to solve cases quickly and efficiently. However, an absolute killer without motive performs regular killing, becoming a headache for the agents.

Have a look at the trailer to do quick learning:

What’s the situation of Mindhunter Season 3? 

As soon as Season 2 finished in August 2019, vapors had surfaced up for Season 3. But the speculations have now settled down. In Jan 2020, Netflix had announced the information about Season 3. But as of now, Netflix has postponed the show for an indefinite period.

Repercussions of the postponement are also visible now as Netflix can’t hold the contracts of cast members. Netflix has recently freed the cast to work on their new projects.

Mindhunter Season 3 Plot

There hasn’t been any script written or released yet. It may have been written, but no such information has bubbled up again. We will have to wait for a little longer to learn more about the season 3 plot.

Mindhunter season 3: Release Date, Story Plot, Cast Revealed And More

What is the reason for postponement?

Director David Fincher’s busy and tight schedule is the reason for no Season 3 in 2020. He is currently busy finishing the movie “Mank” and Animated series, Love-Death & Robots.

Although cast members Jonathan Groff, Holt Mccallany & Anna Torv are released from the contract, hopefully, they will be back for season 3.

As soon as he gets free from his current duties, everyone expects that he will start filming Mindhunter Season 3. Calculating all the factors involved, it seems pretty clear that we shouldn’t be expecting Season 3 before 2022.

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Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Season 4 is CONFIRMED with a Summer 2020 Release Date, Major Plot Point & More

Historical drama The Last Kingdom is all set to return to Netflix with a brand new season, old cast, and some new faces.

Based on the highly successful book series “The Saxon Stories,” written by Bernard Cornwell. Historical drama The Last Kingdom has become one of the most popular series in the Netflix collection. The show follows young Osbert, who has been taken from his home by the Dames after his uncle’s betrayal. Danes rename him as Uhtred. Circumstances force Uhtred and his lover Brida to move to the Kingdom of Wessex, where Uhtred is forced to serve King Alfred and train his armies against the invading Danes. Uhtred dreams of returning to his ancestral home and reclaim his birthright.


Season 3 ends with the Wessex army successfully destroying invading Danish forces with help from the Merican army and last-minute decision of bannerman Sigebriht to stay with Wessex. Uhtred and Brida capture Aethelworld and, thereafter, successfully execute a ritual to make sure that his adoptive brother’s soul reached Valhalla.

Filming & Storyline

In October of 2019 Twitter handle of The Last Kingdom confirmed that shooting for season 4 announced in October 2018 has wrapped up. Carnival Films, the production house of The Last Kingdom, has released the official synopsis of season 4, which points that the main protagonist will have to choose between his goal to take back his ancestral home or to realize his destiny, which is coupled with Alfred’s dream of a united land. This dilemma forces him into politics that threaten to break out into full-fledged war. There is a strong possibility that the storyline may take a time jump in Season 4.

Old and New Faces

Alexander Dreymon is set to return as Uhtred of Bebbanburg along with Emily Cox (Brida), Ian Hart (Father Beocca), Timothy Innes (Kind Edward), Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith), Mark Rowley (Finan), Toby Regbo (Aethelred).  Stefanie Martini, Jamie Blackley, and Ruby Hartley will be the new cast members.

 Release date

The exact release date has been announced yet but is expected to begin streaming sometime 2020.

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Jaden Smith CAME OUT!!! as GAY & Confirmed Tyler the Creator is HIS BOYFRIEND!!!

‘Jaden Smith’ Confirmation About Dating Rumour with ‘Tylor The Creator’

The 20-year-old son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith addressed the crowd at Camp Flog Naw during his set, during the performance at a festival in California.

I just want to say Tyler, and he is the best friend in the world. I love him so f***ing a lot. And I want to say something to you guys, “said Smith, in a moment that filmed by someone at the front of the stage. Tyler doesn’t want to say it, but Tyler is my motherf***ing boyfriend. He was my motherf***ing boyfriend all my motherf**ing life. This is true. My boyfriend, Tyler.

Tyler was seen laughing and shaking his head in the new video. He later responded to Smith’s tweet: Hehehe, you a crazy man. The two take it so casually. The tweet also says, so, I told everybody that you can’t deny it now. ‘

Whether the couple was dating or whether Smith was poking fun at speculation surrounding Tyler’s identity isn’t actually clear. He heavily criticized for using the term “faggot” in the back catalog. Nevertheless, he explored his sexuality in what seemed to a breakthrough moment on the last record,’ Flower Child.’ And he since been more transparent to dislike of brands.

Jaden Smith CAME OUT!!! as GAY & Confirmed Tyler the Creator is HIS BOYFRIEND!!!

Smith’s Recent Release:

Smith recently released a new collaboration with Harry Hudson titled “Just Slide.”He was also relatively open in sexuality discussions and known for his androgynous style of fashion.

What He Told To Nylon:

In five years when a boy goes to school wearing a skirt. He’s not going to get beaten up, and kids won’t get angry at him. It is just meaningless. I’m taking the brunt of it so that later on, my children and the next generation of kids will all believe that certain things are normal that hadn’t been predicted before my period.

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Donald Trump is FURIOUS!!! after Iran’s Leader SHAMED!! & called a him CLOWN!!!

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump fired back Friday evening at Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had once ridiculed him as a “clown.” Then in a later tweet, Trump said Iran’s leaders must stop violence and make Iran Great Again!

Iran’s so-called ‘ Supreme Leader.  Who hasn’t been so Supreme recently, has a few nasty things to say about the US and Europe. Trump. Their economy is collapsing, and its people are suffering. In his words, he should be very careful!

What Khamenei Called Trump a “CLOWN”?

Hours after Khamenei called him a “clown” to “push a poisonous dagger” into the back of Iran, Trump tweeted.

Khamenei has praised Iran’s military after it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane in a rare public address as he led Friday prayers in Tehran.

Donald Trump is FURIOUS!!! after Iran's Leader SHAMED!! & called a him CLOWN!!!
Trump Warns The Supreme Iranian Leader

Additionally, Khamenei condemned Trump. The United States for a deadly drone strike against a top Iranian officer.

The villainous U.S. government repeatedly claims they stand by the people of Iran. They are lying, said Khamenei. If you stand with the people of Iran, it’s just to stab them with their venomous daggers in the heart.

Trump Tweet In Farsi:

Trump later tweeted a message to Iranian citizens in another post-Friday night, including a riff on his campaign slogan of 2016, “Make America Great Again.

Rather than leading Iran to disaster, its leaders will give up violence, and make Iran great again.

Trump tweeted that message in Farsi, too.

Trump went on to write in support of the people of Iran in response to an earlier Khamenei tweet.

US President Donald Trump ridiculed and threatened Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday after Iran’s supreme leader earlier in the day dubbed him a “clown” as he answered prayers in Tehran.

They’re collapsing their economies, and their people are suffering. In his terms, he should be very careful!


‘Jaden Smith’ is Literally DYING & his BOYFRIEND ‘Tyler The Creator’ is DEVASTATED!!

Washington DC: Parents Will Smith and Jada Smith are concerned and worried about Jaden Smith’s deteriorating health. Jaden Smith’s parents Will Smith and Jada Smith, sat down with all his siblings on the Red Table Talk show on Monday to find a solution to remedy the situation.

After having veganism, Jaden Smith ended up looking weak and malnourished. His parents Will Smith and Jada Smith, appointed Dr. Mark Hyman and nutritional specialist Mona Sharma, who carried out in-depth medical tests on the 21-year-old rapper Jaden Smith.

'Jaden Smith' is Literally DYING & his BOYFRIEND 'Tyler The Creator' is DEVASTATED!!

“After the last episode, I walk in the street, and people are like, ‘Oh my god! Are you sick? Can I pick you up? Could I get you some water?’ Come up to me like, ‘You can have my food, man.” – revealed by Jaden Smith

Will Smith and Jada Smith were very worried and concerned about their son. They got more worried since Jaden was hospitalized in Australia due to severe weakness, after which Jayden was compelled to switch to a vegetarian diet.

Dr. Mark Hyman reached the suggestion that actor and rapper’s condition is a result of his adherence to an unreasonably strict diet that excludes many essential food groups that are the source of major nutrients like proteins, certain vitamins, and Omega-3 fats.

The doctor believed that his health could be rehabilitated by figuring out his diet and supplementation. He has also been advised to avoid dairy and gluten to repair and improve his digestive issues.


Jaden Smith is REALLY DYING!!! & Will Smith is VERY CONCERNED About his Health

Hollywood actor Will Smith and his wife expressed concerns over the deteriorating health of their son Jaden Smith on an episode of Red Table Talk. In September, the 21-year old was hospitalized in Australia due to extreme weakness and had recently adopted a vegetarian diet, which led him to lose weight rapidly.

His mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, said her soon looked depleted, he had developed dark circles under his eyes and little gray skin. The 21-year old in a previous episode of Red Table Talk admitted that he was just eating two meals a day, And maybe one, he was not doing good and was not feeling good, not looking good either. The young rapper further said that after listening about his health, people who met him on the street offered him food or would ask him if he is sick or not and would immediately notice his weak appearance.

image source:

Will and Jada Pinkett felt he was not getting enough proteins and omega fats. They hired Dr. Mark Hyman and nutrient specialist Mona Sharma to restore their son’s good health condition. Dr. Hyman, after examining Jaden, said that the poor health of Jaden is due to nutritional deficiencies as a result of his sensitive stomach, which does not allow him to consume gluten and dairy products. The doctor also added that there was nothing to worry and Jaden can recover by learning about the foods that he should be taking and food he should be avoiding.

image source:

Actor turned rapper became extremely popular in Hollywood and the world after he starred alongside Jackie Chan in 2010’s remake of 1984 classic The Karate Kid, which was a critical and commercial success. He decided to explore music when his fourth movie After Earth tanked at the box-office. Apart from acting and music, an actor turned rapper is known for his great fashion sense. Looks like Jaden can use some traditional Chinese medicine to heal quickly.

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Zack Snyder WON’T DIRECT Justice League 2, Is it CANCELLED or DELAYED, Expected Release Date & More

Justice League

“Justice League” is a super hero film based on characters by DC comics directed by ‘Zack Snyder’ in 2017. The script is by ‘Chris Terreo’ and ‘Joss Whedon’, story by ‘Chris Terreo’ and ‘Zack Snyder’. The producers of the film are ‘Charles Roven’, ‘Deborah Snyder’, ‘Jon Berg’ and ‘Geoff Jons’.

Cast, Release, Budget and Box office

  • ‘Ben Affleck’ as ‘Bruce Wayne’ / ‘Batman’, the proprietor of ‘Wayne Enterprises’.
  • ‘Henry Cavill’ as ‘Clark Kent’ / ‘Superman’, a member of ‘Justice League’.
  • ‘Gal Gadot’ as ‘Diana Prince’ / ‘Wonder Woman’, the princess of ‘Themyscira’.
  • ‘Esra Miller’ as ‘Barry Allen’ / ‘The Flash’, a Central University student who can move at superhuman speeds.
  • ‘Jason Mamoa’ as ‘Arthur Curry’ / ‘Aquaman’, half-human and half-Atlantean with superhuman strengths and aquatic abilities.
  • ‘Ray Fisher’ as ‘Victor Stone’ / ‘Cyborg’.

Zack Snyder WON'T DIRECT Justice League 2, Is it CANCELLED or DELAYED, Expected Release Date & More

The film was initially launched on October 26th, 2017 in Beijing and released in the United States on November 17th, 2017.

The film grossed 658 crores USD at the Box office over a production of 300 Crores USD.

All about Justice League 2 

Part 2 should be out on June 14th, 2019 but failed in doing so. Later we had no clue on the release date.

Snyder will be directing the film, the Warner bro seem to be upset because the has not lived up to their expectations. It grossed 100 crores less than the franchise starter ‘Man of Steel’. In part 2 we could see The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg with the same cast as before, the role of Batman and Superman may not consist of the same stars and might be replaced.

Part 2 is to be ended up like the ‘Avengers’ and we could expect for the part 3 and the franchise is to be continued. According to the latest news, Snyder stated that he needs a break from superhero films. He’s currently developing a thriller titled ‘The Last Photograph’ in Afghanistan.

It is sad to say that the release takes more time and may air on 8th April 2021.

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All We Need To Know About “Conjuring 3” Release Date, Cast, Storyline and More.

CONJURING 3 Might Release Soon:

In 2013, the very first Conjuring movie was released, which proved extremely profitable for the Warner Bros. It spawned a vast number of films set in the Conjuring world.

No way “THE CONJURING SERIES” the best of the horror movies ever made. The first movie of this spooky series, “THE CONJURING,” made its debut in 2013. These series include spin-offs such as ” THE NUN, “THE CURSE OF LLORONA,” AND THE IMMENSELY SUCCESSFUL ANABELLE MOVIES.” THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT, “titled in the third segment.

When Are You Getting Your Chills Return?

The third segment is releasing to freeze you out yet again. The official release of “THE CONJURING 3” is on SEPTEMBER 11, 2020, according to Warner Bros …

All We Need To Know About "Conjuring 3" Release Date, Cast, Storyline and More.

The legendary JAMES WAN, who directed the two previous CONJURING films. He turned over the third installment’s directorate to the very famous MICHAEL CHAVES (THE MAIDEN), as the former is very busy in his own calendar. Wan is very confident about Chaves, according to the ‘ HOLLYWOOD REPORTS. ‘

Since “THE CONJURING 3” is the continuation of the original film. We should assume that it will focus on Ed and Lorraine Warren, played respectively by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. According to news, the arrivals include RONNIE GENNIE BLEVINS and the DAVID MICHAEL-SMITH of Stanger Things, who will be seen as a DANVERS detective.

WHAT MORE IN Conjuring 3 can you see?

It is not yet known the exact details. But it is verified that there would no longer be demonic abduction in a household. This time it’s going to be something special.

As James Wan revealed, “The guy on trial for a murder committed. I think this is the first time in the history of America that the defendant used possessions as a reason, as an excuse.’

So set up guys soon to travel back into “CONJURING”‘s eerie world.