‘Jaden Smith’ and ‘Tyler, the Creator’ may be more than “JUST FRIENDS” [Confirmed] at ‘Grammy Awards 2020’.

Relationships are complicated even for celebrities, or let’s say more complicated for stars.

Recent comments and tweets of Jaden Smith indicate that he may be a homosexual and maybe dating Tyler, the Creator. Youngest son of Will Smith is not shy at all about his sexual orientation and has confessed his love to his alleged boyfriend several times in public and online. This was displayed again when Jaden Smith posted a shout out on his social media handle congratulating his alleged boyfriend on winning a Grammy.


During a performance in Camp Flog Gnaw in 2018, Jaden Smith openly announced on stage that Tyler is his mother****** boyfriend and has been his boyfriend his entire mother****** life. Tyler, The Creator, is my f****** boyfriend. It’s true.

Tyler, The Creator, did not deny this claim but responded with a tweet that said: “hahaha, you a crazy n***a man.”

'Jaden Smith' and 'Tyler, the Creator' may be more than “JUST FRIENDS" [Confirmed] at 'Grammy Awards 2020'.

Are feelings Mutual?

Before this exchange, there have been instances that made fans think that Tyler is homosexual. In an interview with GQ, Tyler said that he likes girls but ends up sleeping with their brothers for some reason. One of the songs of Tyler has a line wherein very clearly states that he has been kissing white boys since 2004. In 2015 Tyler tweeted “I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO AND NO ONE CARED HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

What is going On?

Keeping in mind various instances and recent tweets from two rappers, it is difficult to ascertain with certainty the exact sexual orientation of two rappers or if they are a couple or are just dating. Fans were confounded with all the instances and also could not ascertain if this was some Hollywood offscreen bromance or genuine love between two love birds.

All these speculations and rumors had died with time, but Jaden Smith’s recent tweet after Tyler winning the Grammy has revived fan’s interest in the personal lives of Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator.

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