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Spring 2020 All Set to Begin on 20th March, Staying in Still the Best Choice ?

This Spring is loaded with a lot of expectations. Will it deliver the country from problems like COVID-19? Read on to know more.

The Weather Report

As per predictions, the Spring season is supposed to begin on 20th March till the 21st day of June. As per AccuWeather reports, the temperatures in Northern India are expected to stay near the normal average range, and a discrepancy might be observed in other regions of the country. Soil moisture from winds might mitigate the heat over Delhi. Central and southern India are expected to warm up much faster this Spring.

Spring 2020 All Set to Begin on 20th March, Staying in Still the Best Choice ?

No correlation between rising temperatures and COVID-19 suppression

Despite the increased furor about how increased temperatures will curb the spread of COVID-19, experts have confirmed that there is no such correlation. Experts say that the increase in the humidity in the air will only increase the risk of spreading.

Are you staying instill the best choice?

Changes in temperatures might encourage us all to step out and enjoy Spring 2020. However, it is best to stay indoors until the COVID-19 epidemic has subsided, and cures & vaccination are fully available at all medical facility centers. Schools, colleges, offices are closed in Delhi as per government orders till the 31st March.

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