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Will the anime series Vinland get another Season 2? Release Date, Plot and Everything we Know so far

More lands to conquer and New adventures to undertake

Hit anime series Vinland just concluded its first season. Some are sad, while some are expecting season 2 of the series. The Anime is based on the MangaManga of the same. The Manga is illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. Till November 2019, 23 manga volumes are available. Wit Studio adapted the MangaManga into Anime. The first episode of the series aired on 7th July 2019, and the last episode aired in December 2019.

Basic Premise and Plot

Anime series Vinland is based in Dane-controlled England at the start of the 11th Century. The story also features an invasion of England by Danes popularly known as the Vikings. Anime shows how King Cnut rose to power with a revenge plot focused on historical explorer Thorfinn. Anime derives parts of its story from the historical account of the period such as The Flateyjarbok, The Saga of the Greenlanders and The Saga of Eric the Red.

Recap and Plot, Release Date of Season 2

Will the anime series Vinland get another Season 2? Release Date, Plot and Everything we Know so far

In the last episode of the series, Askeladd is killed. As a result, Thorfinn is left aimless in life. He leaves Prince Cnut’s side and starts working like a slave for Ketil on a farm. Rumors are that season 2 of the anime series has been green-lit, but this claim is not supported by any official announcement. The plot of season 2 is under wraps, but fans are guessing that Season 2 will focus on Thorfinn as he tries to figure out what he wants in life. Furthermore, Release Date of season 2 is also under wrap, but reports suggest that season 2 may be available to viewers in 2021.

Next Big thing in Anime?

In addition to the plot, experts say series has excellent CGI and artwork. The opening theme and closing theme of the series has also been praised. Some fans are calling it the nest Attack on Titan.

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