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Every Bollywood Stars Are Motivating People To Fight Against Coronavirus!!! Here’s What Hema Malini Said!!!

Covid-19 has brought the world into disaster. It has created a calamity in all over the world. Peoples over 11000 have lost their existence. This uncertainty has also entered into India; it has created a hardship situation for the society to fight back against him.

Formerly the BJP leader and BJP lawmaker, Hema Malini, has motivated the nation to fight back against this novel the situation is going worse day by day. She comes as a ray of hope to everyone.Every Bollywood Stars Are Motivating People To Fight Against Coronavirus!!! Here's What Hema Malini Said!!!

 Hema Malini has notified the nation to follow the hygiene notches. she  said, ” In every one hour wash your hands with soap, don’t go out if it is not needed, stay from away social gathering as meeting people could lead to its harmful effects spend time at  home with your family and loved ones and also  spread awareness about the same among people.” She also said to take huge mass participation in ” Janta curfew” on 22 March.

To motivate the nation, she also said that “our country has fought many troubles in the past, and I have full belief that this time also we will win this fight against this virus.”

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