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Disney Confirms Pirate of the Caribbean 6 is Back but is Johnny Depp Returning: Expected Release Date & Other Details

The rough seas, those merciless waves, trunks filled with treasure, the adrenaline rush, and adventure, the wrath of the god of thunder and the rum.
That is how you describe a pirate movie, and NOTHING is better than the good old Walt Disney franchise of – “The Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The first movie of the series- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, came out in 2003, and since then, four more movies have been released. The series has been a major hit and has grossed over $4.5 billion worldwide.

Pirate of the Caribbean 6 Release Date

New writers Jeff Nathanson and Terry Rossio are working on the script of the sixth film. Now, it is in the early production process and is expected to hit the screens only in 2021.Pirates of the Caribbean 6 coming or not? Is Johnny Depp returning? Here is everything we know so far.

A new Jack Sparrow in Pirate of the Caribbean 6 ? 

Rumour has it that Johnny Depp, who played the main lead of the show, Jack Sparrow in the previous movies, will not play his character in the coming movie, as he demanded $90 million for his role, which Disney was not ready to pay. His drunken misconduct was another reason as to why the makers decided to cast Zac Efron, a rather young and fresh face for the role.

Pirate of the Caribbean 6  Plot

The plot is expected to revolve around the return of Davy Jones. Will sees a nightmare about the return of Davy Jones, but things turn ugly when his nightmare turns into a reality, and this time, Jones will be back for revenge. The audience can expect to see new faces and characters, as well. In fact, there may be a new lead female pirate in the Pirate of the Caribbean 6.

If the rumors are to be believed, Pirate of the Caribbean 6 will be a reboot with a fresh start for the franchise. This will help Disney to continue the series, and there are chances that new movies, based on the adventures of the individual characters, will be made in the future. Whatever it is, the fans of the franchise, all over the world, are eagerly waiting for the release of the sixth movie.

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