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Bhilwara Is In Crucial Stage Due To Covid-19!!! The City Is Under Complete Lockdown!!! Read To Know More!!!

The recently increased spread of COVID-19 in Bhilwara has led to a complete lockdown in the city. The country fears a community spread in the town. Moreover, people are comparing the situation in Bhilwara to that of Italy. Read on to know more.

Police on COVID-19 in Bhilwara 

Three days ago, the Bhilwara SP Harendra Mahavar said that this an alarming stage for COVID-19 spread. As a result, “staying at home” is a must he said. Moreover, the police are vigilant right now. The city is under a complete lockdown. Any person breaking the rule will face legal action.

For very urgent work, the citizens have to take permission to leave the houses.  However, supplies for necessary items will reach the colonies. These will include pulses, rice, and other essential items.

Bhilwara Is In Crucial Stage Due To Covid-19!!! The City Is Under Complete Lockdown!!! Read To Know More!!!

Scanning for COVID-19 in Bhilwara

COVID-19 has affected some doctors and paramedical staff in one of the hospitals. This has caused a state of panic in the city. Consequently, medical authorities are carrying out tests on all those who visited the hospital. Hundreds of patients visited the hospital where they were working- Brijesh Bangar Memorial Hospital. (News 18)

The population of Bhilwara is also being scanned for positive cases of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the authorities have closed the city borders. All the transport facilities have been suspended. The city faced the imposition of Article 144 last week.

In #Bhilwara 1,06,856 households & 5,33,786 people have been surveyed. 149 are high-risk cases Of Influenza-Like Illness(ILI) and 3317 are normal ILI symptoms. Out of these 133 are people who traveled from abroad. #Covid19 #Rajasthan #Lockdown21

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— Avinash Kalla (@avinashkalla) March 27, 2020

Besides, the city has a total of 43 cases until now.

The Collector Rajendra Bhatt stated that hotels had been taken over. They will be to create quarantine facilities for patients if needed. (TOI)

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