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GTA 6. When Is It Coming? It Will be Set in Liberty City and Vice City. Sneak In Below to Know All Deets

GTA refers to Grand Theft Auto, an action-adventure video game that was released in 1997. Ever since the game’s release in 1997, it has been very popular. GTA had a huge fan following and has had five very successful seasons and fans have been speculating about the sixth season. So, will we be getting a GTA – Season 6? If yes, when can we expect it?

Read below to find the answers to all those questions and more!

GTA - Season 6 - Coming Soon
GTA – Season 6 – Coming Soon

GTA 6: Expected Date

A lot of rumors regarding the release of the sixth season have been flying around on the internet and fans have been wondering about when the season will be releasing. The news has been coming hard and fast and amidst it all, it is easy to miss official announcements.

GTA - Season 6 - Coming Soon
GTA – Season 6 – Coming Soon

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has made no official announcements regarding season 6 yet.

GTA 6: All Deets

Sony has allegedly paid a lot of money to exclusive rights to the game for one month to make GTA – Season 6 a launch title for their new PlayStation. Recent speculations have also stated that GTA – Season 6 will be set in various cities. It will also be released only for next-gen consoles and will be set in Liberty City and Vice City.

GTA - Season 6 - Coming Soon
GTA – Season 6 – Coming Soon

Rockstar Games was aiming to release the game either by late 2020 or early 2021. But, it seems highly unlikely that GTA – Season 6 will release in 2020. After GTA – Season 5 was released in 2013, Rockstar games couldn’t focus on producing the sequel. They apparently did start working on GTA Season – 6 in 2014, but due to some other issues and other game productions were unable to continue work on it.

Thus, 2020 seems like a far-fetched goal for expecting a sequel. However, all hope is not lost. If Rockstar did indeed plan to release the game by late 2020, then 2021 might still be a viable release date.

Until then, all we can do is hope and play the older versions of GTA in our wait.


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