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Rise In the Cases of Coronavirus!!! The Nation Is Going To Experience Complete Lockdown For 21 Days!!!

After the announcement of the 21-day lockdown, India is planning to create plans for saving and reviving its economy.

The number of cases in India has risen over 600 cases now, and 12 deaths have been reported. Apart from this,  all passenger trains and interstate passenger transport has been put to a halt.

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21 Days Lock Down

PM Narendra Modi, in his address on March 24 announced a 21-day lockdown. This was to curb the cycle of the Corona Virus. He said that social distancing was not only for the sick, as some belief. It took only 67 days for Corona Virus to reach a lakh people as per WHO. Moreover, the next 1 lakh were infected within a week. 

Rise In the Cases of Coronavirus!!! The Nation Is Going To Experience Complete Lockdown For 21 Days!!!

Busting myths about Corona before your 21-day lockdown

Recent waves on Social Media have made claims about curing and diagnosing Corona.

Here are a few of them:

  • FIRST: “If you can hold your breath for ten seconds without any discomfort, you don’t have fibrosis.”

Having Corona does not lead to having Fibrosis. You could simply be a carrier and not show the symptoms for days.

  • SECOND: “Gargling with salt water will cure Corona.”

None of the studies have confirmed. Gargling can cure the symptoms of Corona.

  • THIRD: “Quarantine is for those who are infected.”

This belief is inaccurate. You could simply be a carrier and spread Corona through the interactions you make. In conclusion,  a complete 21-day lockdown is a massive step towards curbing the spread.

Virtual G20 Meet

According to reports, Narendra Modi was planning to hold a virtual G20 meet for discussing economic revival on March 26 in addition to other directives. A few days back, the Prime Minister had held a SAARC video conference. The conference led to the proposal of a COVID-19 relief fund.

WHO recently stated that India has the power to fight COVID-19 as it was successful in fighting smallpox in the past also.

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