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[Confirmed] Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Sequel Is Coming. Will ALOY Return? Read To Know All The Updates

Incredibly action-packed and highly graphical game ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is coming back with its part 2. Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation’s worldwide studios, confirmed the game would be coming back with its second installment. The first installment which debuted on PlayStation 4 was a stunning hit among gamers. He further added that there would be more information coming out soon in the next chapter.

Horizon Zero Dawn, a role-playing action thriller game, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is thrown up and overtaken by robot-like creatures. The game-play revolves around Aloy, who is a hunter. She is out there to trace her past in a world run by machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Game Scenes
Horizon Zero Dawn: Game Scenes

Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Game Plot

The first part ended the story of Aloy with a little bow. Most of the fans would like her to return in the second part. But it’s still not confirmed by the developers whether Aloy will return or not. As for the game plan, it is said that some lost cities and desert dunes will be discovered with new tribes, cultures to be introduced. Till now, there are three tribes revealed, namely the Nora, the Carja, and the Osram. The creators of the game are not making many details public concealing most of the information.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Game Scenes
Horizon Zero Dawn: Game Scenes

Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Release Date & Console

As now, there is no release date confirmed by the makers. It is expected to release by late 2020. Yes, that is the same period when PS5 comes out. So there is a high probability that PS5 has been chosen as the gaming console for the second part. But there has also been a rumor that makers are planning to make the game available for PC too. This will make most of the fans quite happy as many who aren’t well with PS will get a huge chance to experience this fantastic game.

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