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[Confirmed] Mad Max Fury Road Road 2: Sequel is Coming. Will Max & Furosia Re-unite??? Read To Know

Highly action-packed Mad Max Fury Road is all geared up for its sequel. The hugely praised thriller movie will get its sequel by the name Mad Max: The Wasteland. It is still thought to be a ‘working title’ but presumed to be the final one.

Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic action thriller that had its first part released in 2015. It was received immensely by the audience. After the great success of the first part, there was a buzz about the makers planning a second installment. Just as things were about to go right, the lawsuit between Warner Bros, the studio behind Mad Max, and the production company of George Miller ensued. The dispute was obviously about money. The parties made several allegations on each other. But in a recent statement by Miller, it was reported that the chaos has stabilized, and the dust has settled down.

Mad Max Fury Road Scenes
Mad Max Fury Road Scenes

Mad Max Fury Road 2: Plot

In the first part, the plot revolved around a nuclear catastrophe that disrupts the world into a desert wasteland, and civilization is disintegrated. Max, a survivor, is haunted by the demise of his family. He is later captured by some ‘War Boys’ from was on a different story evolves. In the end, Max leaves Furosia, one of those ‘war boys’ girl,s towards whom he had developed some attraction.

Now to the upcoming part 2, it is to been seen whether they both reunite. But rumor has it that Furosia won’t be returning in The Wasteland. That is a severe blow to the fans as she was a favorite among them. There are going to be a lot of spins off in the upcoming sequel. Due to that feud between the production authorities, there has been a delay over the solid script.

Mad Max Fury Road Scenes
Mad Max Fury Road Scenes

Mad Max Fury Road 2: Release Date

No such fix date has been announced by the makers yet of the release. The filming is expected to go on floors later this year. The already delayed schedule because of the lawsuit, may well get more postponed due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus. Still, there is an update that the shooting may begin by autumn 2020, and the initial filming would take place n Australia. This means that the fans may get to see the second installment by mid-2021 or by the end of it. Till that stay tuned for more updates.

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