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Mindhunter Season 3: Is It Coming??? What Will Happen To Serial KILLERS?? Keep Scrolling To Know More

Highly regarded psychological thriller Mindhunter was a hit among the viewers. It came out as a perfect adaptation of the book by the same name. The series gives quite an insider on the FBI, the American intelligence and security service. The book is based on some real crimes written by John E. Douglas, a retired FBI special agent, and Mark Olshaker.

Mindhunter: Show Scene
Mindhunter: Show Scene

Mindhunter Season 3: Will It Come?

The first two seasons of the series were highly praised by the critics as well as the psychological thrill lovers. After the season 2 released in August last year, it kept the fans eager to know whether the makers are going to renew for another season. But in a recent statement David Fincher, the producer of the series, said that the project of season 3 is on hold. The director of the series is said to be occupied by some other projects. This has delayed the filming of season 3. Eventually, the makers have released the cast from their contracts as of now. The actor is willing to take roles in other series or movies. Another blow is that the makers have not yet come up with a storyline for the new season.

Mindhunter Season 3: Cast & Release date

Since Netflix is unconfirmed about the season 3, any update on the release date of the same has not come out. There hasn’t been any kind of trailer or teaser dropped yet. So there’s no fixed information on that too. If all the season 3 kicks off, most of the cast is said to be retained from the previous season. Jonathan Groff, Joe Tuttle, Stacey Roca, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, Michael Cerveris will all be seen together if the season 3 goes on floors.

Mindhunter: Show Scene
Mindhunter: Show Scene

The new season is expected to be with some new prospects and a more intriguing storyline. Indeed there are some speculations that Netflix is not going to broadcast season 3 (if it goes on the floor). It is said that once Fincher gets done with the ongoing projects, the viewers well may get to see season 3 of their beloved series quite soon. Till then they can relive the season 1 and 2 which are very much exceptional.

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