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Pinocchio: Back From 1940 to 2019. Movie Is Funded By MiBAC. Read To Know Cast & Plot

Pinocchio: Back from the 1940 to 2019. Movie Is Funded By MiBAC
Pinocchio: Back from 1940 to 2019. MiBAC funds movie

The childhood stories we remember the story of Pinocchio. From the 1940 age-old old tale of the wooden boy, Matteo Garrone thought of reviving the story in 2019.
The Italian fantasy film Pinocchio shared its origin from The Adventures of Pinocchio, which is written by Carlo Collodi.

Matteo Garrone started to plan out the production well and thought to choose the set as Italy. In 2019 the production began to gain its weight. MiBAC, which is one of the national cinema organizations in Italy, did the funding for the film.

Pinocchio: Cast & Plot

Cast also includes Federico Ielapi, Gigi Proietti, Rocco Papaleo, Massimo Ceccherini, Matilda De Angelis, Alida Baldari Calabria, Alessio Di Domenicantonio, Maria Pia Timo and Davide Marotta.
They did excellently in making the film a big hit. The movie came in the list of appreciation by the people.

Other casts who supported the film with their brilliant work include Vito Ciaccia as the Innkeeper who gives leftovers to the Fox and the Cat. We also have Angela Lepore as the Glen of the Circus, Brigida Pappalardi as the Horse Woman, Lucia Pennacchia as the Three-Headed Woman,

Andrea Di Ferdinando as a Fisherman, Stefano Martinelli as a Fisherman, Domenico Maiolo as a Fisherman,

Pinocchio: Back from the 1940 to 2019. Movie Is Funded By MiBAC
Pinocchio: Back from 1940 to 2019. MiBAC funds movie

Nino Scardina as the Coachman, Maurizio Lombardi as the Tuna, Guillaume Delaunay as a Circus Performer (the tallest man in the world), Giuliano Del Taglia as a Circus Performer (the shortest man in the world) and the Devil Marionette, Domenico Centamore as Giangio
Gigio Morra as Moreno (the Innkeeper).

The production process took around eleven weeks to complete. The art directors who were behind the excellent visuals and art forms are Mark Coulier and David Malinowski and Sebastian Lochmann.

The story, as we know, revolves around a wooden puppet, which comes to life and does miracles in the presence of his master.

Netflix will soon adapt the series of Pinocchio as it has made an offer to Guillermo del Toro.

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