Jaden Smith reveals He’s GAY & CONFESSED!!! HIS LOVE!!! for Tyler the Creator

Who is Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator?

Jaden Smith is the American Rapper and son of Famous Actor Will Smith. He also featured in some films individually and with his dad as well. But he is more focused on music rather than acting. His main genre in music is Hip Hop.

Tyler Gregory tokonoma knew as Tyler the Creator is a Famous American Rapper. He is a singer, music video director, songwriter and much more.

When did the things start between Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator?

Both are hanging out with each other since 2013. In 2015 Jaden did create some noise when he sent a foggy birthday message to Tyler. He did state in the message that “He thinks he is in love with Tyler and he doesn’t know but he is still figuring it out until then, Happy Birthday”.

Revelation of where Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator stands with each other

When Tyler win the Grammy award for his Rap album Igor, Jaden Smith can’t help himself and tweeted that “My Boyfriend Just Won A Grammy”. Just like Jaden Smith, Tyler also believes that labels are pretty much dumb and that it does not define who someone is in reality. As per thinking of Tyler Somethings are better to be left unexplained. There has been no confirmation from Tylor the Creator he isn’t confirming this new and not even denied.

What Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator are doing now?

Jaden Smith recently has released a new collaboration with Harry Hudson titled “Just Slide”. And he has been relatively open for the discussions of sexuality and known for his fashion style.

Tylor the Creator recently won the Grammy for his Album Igor so currently, he is enjoying the feeling of winning the Grammy.

Stay tuned for more updates related to this.

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