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[LEAKED] Respawn is Secretly Working on Titanfall 3, Revealed after This Leak, Release Date & More

[LEAKED] Respawn is Secretly Working on Titanfall 3, Revealed after This Leak, Release Date & More

Titanfall is a first-person multiplayer game by Respawn Entertainment. Its first part was released on March 11, 2014, for Windows and Xbox One. The publisher of the game is Electronic Arts and directed by Steve Fukuda.

The gameplay of the Titanfall is quite impressive as in this game player controls their pilots and Titans and have to play six-on-six matches in which up to 12 players are dropped on a map after choosing their type of pilot.

It is a time-based game, so killing other players reduces the remaining time thereafter. Titans are dropped from the sky, and after that, players as pilots have to run on walls and jump with jetpacks, and there are many more interesting things in the game. There are 15 multiplayer maps and several game modes in the game. Titanfall 2 released in 2016 with several specialized Titan models.

So considering Titanfall 3 there are no such official announcements of its release or not even of its development stage. For now, Titanfall 3 is just a concept in the minds where we can expect what we are going to see in the game as the developers only stated that they would be considering the third part in the far future in which we can see some new features from the Apex legends and also the previous features such as time-traveling, wall running, new Titan models.

In the third part, we can see the pilots, titans struggling to adapt in the time of peace and also making their own war weapons and machine with full customization.

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As from the sources it is crystal clear that the Respawn Entertainment is not currently working on Titanfall 3, not even any of their pre-production is done till yet the major reason behind the hold is a huge success of battle royale Alex legends, so we can expect that there is much more wait we have to do for the games in our hands.

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