Free Fire Hack Apk with Unlimited Diamonds Mod [Updated]

Garena free fire is an action-adventure game inspired by PUBG. It is one of the most exciting GAME, exciting, and popular survival games for smartphones. Free fire hack for all Android smartphones, and it is present on Google Play Store for free.

It’s somewhat a recent release with millions of downloads already in the world. As you know, on herald journalism, we bring the modified version of the most popular applications and games. In the same way today, we have brought the hacked version Full information about such as Features and how to get a modded version.

Free Fire Hack 2020 November

Name Garena Free Fire 
Version 1.49.0
Size 754MB
Category Battle Royale Game
Publisher Garena
Features Unlimited Diamonds, All Gun and Characters Unlocked
Last Update June 4, 2020
Get it On Download Link Below
Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds HackIf you are looking to Download Free Fire Diamond Hack App or Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds in General then you are in the right place. This article will provide all the Free Fire players from India, Phillippines, and around the world the Unlimited Diamond Trick. Just keep one thing in mind which that beware of other websites that are claiming to have unlimited Diamond Trick. These websites might trick you into giving in your personal data and tempt you to download harmful files.

After our daily lives and chores were ruined by Covid-19 many people who had jobs and had to go out to their offices now do work from home. This was done to limit the spread of the virus by decreasing physical contact between people. But this has also given people time to play their favorite game Free Fire and people are now home more often they can play the game more often. And as the player base of free fire increases so does the number of people looking for Free Fire Diamond Hack App. Therefore we urge all the players from India and Phillippines to Download Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds from our Website to get unlimited Diamond.

Now many people who are new to the game ask what are the use of Diamonds in Free Fire. Let us tell you, Diamonds are the premium paid currency used in the free fire to get all the premium player skin, clothes, weapon skins, and the most important thing is the Luck Royale. And therefore by using our Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds Hack Diamonds, you can get all the premium content such as weapons, pets, and vehicle skins And not only skins but special characters such as Kelly, Kapella, Misha, Nikita, and many more. And like we told you before about Luck Royale you’ll be able to Diamond Spin to obtain various unique skins & weapon upgrades. So what are you waiting for use our Free Fire Diamond Hack App and Get limited Diamonds for free.


How to not get Banned hacking?

First step: Get the app from the telegram source or anywhere of your choice.

Second Step: Buy Only 1-2 items per day. DO NOT BUY ALL AT ONCE !! If you buy more things, then the signature of the app is sent to the game servers for verification. Since the app will not be signed, it will result in the banning of your account. To keep suspicion low, make sure to buy skins and characters with low frequency.


 Free Fire Mod Gameplay:

Before you started a game, you have to add four people to your free fire team. Your set will be ready as soon as your team is complete. The game is prepared; you will wait till 50 players auto-matching are completed in the match. After the game has fifty players, your game free fire apk will start.

A plane & you are flying over the island the same as pubg. You have to see the map and jump where you want to the island. Supposedly you can also follow your teammates to jump—Mark your drop location before a jump in the game.

You will start landing. You can fall using the jump button on the screen when you stay short from the island in a free fire game.

Free Fire Mod Features Offered:

On the off chance that we talk about highlights of Free Fire Hack Apk, at that point, it is having a ton of energizing highlights. This hack I am giving is to Free Fire, and it is having a ton of highlights like a divider free fire mod, apparition mod, no force, auto headshot, and so forth.

free fire mod Apparition Mode :

You can actuate phantom mode from Free Fire Hack and become imperceptible. Presently you can not see you; however, you can see your adversary. So exploit and demolish your foe without letting knowing your adversary from where you are slaughtering. So it will be entertaining.

free fire mod Divider Hack Stone :

Divider Hack as the name, by enacting this hack from Free Fire Hack August 2020, you can execute yours from behind the divider. Regardless of whether the foe is in the spread, you can slaughter the enemy.

free fire mod No Recoil :

No Recoil implies zero force of your weapon. On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty in controlling the backlash of your, at that point, you can Activate this hack from Free Fire Hack Apk, and in the wake of enacting this hack, your weapon withdraws become zero.

free fire mod Auto Aim :

  • Auto Aim implies your point towards the adversary will naturally move. This hack is valuable when the entire crew surges you and your point disbalance in light of anxiety. So you can enact this hack too from our Free Fire Hack Apk August 2020

free fire mod Point Lock :

This hack is passed when you empower the Auto point hack, and then you should likewise empower this point lock hack too. In any case, when your adversary’s HP gets low at that point, they will consequently be moved towards another foe without wrecking him.

free fire mod No Shake Scope :

No Shake Scope implies that while you are taking significant distance battle adversaries with AR, you may be having an issue of shaking degree when you fire on scope mode. So enacting this hack from Free Fire Mod apk hack, you can incapacitate shaking of Scope.

free fire mod No Tree, No Grass, No Fog :

You can debilitate the trees, grass, and haze from the Free Fire Mod Apk. By impairing these impacts, you can recognize your foe without any problem.

Vehicle Fly :

Vehicle fly choice included the Free Fire Mod Hack apk. You can utilize and actuate this hack to fly your vehicle and shock your adversaries.

Speed Car :

Speed up the vehicle alternative included the Free Fire mod Hack Apk. You can speed up the vehicle as quickly as could reasonably be expected.

Speed Run :

Speed Run is additionally included in the free fire hack mod rendition. You can speed up to move quickly by actuating free fire hack.

Night Mode :

Night Mode is included in the  Mod apk August 2020. You can initiate this alternative to actuate the night mode.


This Free Fire Hack upholds aimbot, so your point will naturally move towards your foe. This will help you in pointing your adversary, and you can without much of a stretch do grip against your foe crew and can become like an ace player:v

Speed Hack :

You can likewise empower speed hack from this free fire hack by which you can speed up additionally vehicle speed from ordinary to extraordinarily rapid and befuddle your adversary.

Adversary Location:-

You can follow your adversary area from good ways from your foe utilizing this awesome free fire hack. Additionally, you can track your adversary area with foe name as well.

Free Fire Mod Installation Guide

First: download the apk.

Second: Install the downloaded apk by allowing “unknown resources” for the further installation process.

Third: Go to Home after it’s Installed. Then open your menu of all apps, and you can find Free Fire File.

Fourth: Then, Click on the Free Fire icon to operate it and enjoy anything you want


  1. Question: is it free to download?
  2. Question: all unlocked?
    : Yes, all free fire skin is unlocked

Download Hack [Here ]

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