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Hack Free Fire | Free Fire diamond Hack| Jai Hack Latest September 2020

Free Fire Diamond Hack| Hey Guys, today we will be discussing a lot of things, so this article is gonna be a huge one. We will be discussing how to get one of your favorite characters that are JAI Hack in Garena free fire easily, and free fire diamonds Hack, i.e., Get unlimited diamonds and unlimited coins without spending a penny. So sit tight and keep reading the article till the end to get what you are looking for, As all the steps will be given in a proper sequence, and you have to follow the proper sequence in order to fully exploit the game. So here is the Hack Free Fire diamond hack For you!

The link to the files for the hack will be provided through a telegram link. Having a telegram link is a must; otherwise, you can leave the page; this hack s not for you.

Things to keep in mind before using the Unlimited Free Fire  Diamond Hack:

  1. If anything happens to your account, I will not be held responsible in any situation.
  2. Use the hack Free fire diamond hack at your own risk.
  3. by using the hacks, you will be violating Garena free fire policy, and they reserve the right to block your account

But Who gives a damn. So get ready; the knowledge of hack is about to be showered on you.

You will need 4 things to Jai hack Character in the free fire game:

  1. The Garena free fire game: You can directly download it using the play store
  2. the second app is the VIP virtual app, which is a very important app for modifying the elements of the app. We won’t be using the conventional way of hacking the app. We will be using a different brute force method. as this method is better than other method and the chances of getting caught by the garena are also very less, LINK
  3. The third app is the Game Guardian, LINK
  4. install all these apps before proceeding to free unlimited fire diamonds, Hack.

Now let’s start: follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Open the second app that is the VIP virtual app.
  2. Once you have opened the VIP Virtual app, now what you have to do is modify those apps using the VIP Virtual app.

For that, use the option at the extreme left of the  VIP Virtual app. Click on this option and select the game guardian app. This will start cloning and modifying the app. All these things are automated, and you just have to wait.

Now use the same steps to clone the hack Free fire

After this is done, you can play Garena free fire in the VIP virtual app. The game will normally start as if a normal game. Now login with the account you want to hack Free fire and get Jai hack.

Free fire Hack | Free Fire Diamonds Hack | Latest Working Hack | Dj Alok Hack

After that, I would recommend you play 1 game normally through the VIP virtual, and after you have played the game, follow the next steps. I usually recommend this so that the chances of hack detection are less. :

After you have done this, the game guardian app is opened. When the app is opened, it will show some credits, just ignore it. After that, move on to the play option shown at the right corner. When you click on that, it will show which process to choose from. Use the first option of Garena free fire.

Free fire Hack | Free Fire Diamonds Hack | Latest Working Hack | Dj Alok Hack

Now it will ask for a script.

free fire unlimited diamonds HacFree fire Hack | Free Fire Diamonds Hack | Latest Working Hack | Dj Alok Hack

You have to download the script from this link. Now you must have saved the file in your mobile and locate the file when it asks for the script. After selecting the script, you have to wait for a few seconds so that scrip is applied.

When the script is applied, you will be asked various options; you can choose from unlimited diamonds and unlimited coins hack Free fire option. Get the unlimited diamonds and coins, with that you can buy any character gun or skin or anything of your choice in the game.

What is Free Fire diamond hack using Free Fire Diamond Generator?

well, there are few possibilities where you can find a free fire diamond hack using a free fire diamond generator. All these diamond generators are fake and use to scam the audience. So beware from using these fraud websites like where there are chances of you losing your free fire account.



Question: Will I get banned after using this shack?

Answer: Depends upon whether you use it correctly or not, you can read the full info on it here.

Hacking Tutorial:


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