TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

#Best Pubg Emulators for PC 2020 July updated [RANK WISE]

So are you bored with playing pubg on mobile, or you just can’t take it anymore playing on the small screen? Now with pubg emulators, you can move to a bigger screen without any hesitation.

Since laptops are more powerful, you can play pubg on them easily plus it has its disadvantages like more easy control, less strain on eyes. In my opinion, I don’t see any problem with using an emulator. So let’s not waste any time and move straight forward to the best emulators available in the market free or paid whatsoever.

# What is a Pubg Emulator?

A pubg Emulator is an android emulator that has the power to run an apk file or any other android app on your PC or laptop devices. Since the laptop has more power available, it runs all the apps smoothly on the device than your android phone.

GameLoop: #1 Best Emulators For PUBG Mobile 2020

GameLoop is undoubtedly the best Emulator For ping Mobiel in my opinion because for many reasons. First, it developed by Tencent, which is the parent company of the pubg mobile. They developed the game also and the Emulator also, they know about their game best and thus have developed the Emulator in such a way that it is very light, runs smoothly even on non-gaming laptops.TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

You won’t need to do the setup of any kind, Tencent has already done the installation for you. You don’t need to have ven google account setup done on your Emulator, Just download the pubg game in the Emulator or copy from your android phone, and you are good to go!

GameLoop official website: link.

Nox Player: #2 Best Emulators For PUBG Mobile 2020

I can surely Nox Player has raised its standard and brand name from 0 to 100 real quick, It surely comes next to the game loop in the best emulator for the pubg Mobile category. It was released way after so many emulators but it has surely risen up the ranks and has become one of the finest emulators for pubg mobile players. The pubg game performance on the emulator is very nice.TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

I own a gaming high-end laptop, and it works fine on it, but I have received bad feedback about it on low en laptops. So if you own a high-end laptop then surely go for it but if you own a low-end laptop scroll down the article, I got something for you.

Nox Player official website: link

Bluestacks #3 Best Emulators For PUBG Mobile 2020

This is the first Emulator I used in my life. This is one of the oldest emulators to come into existence. Not only for pubg mobile it also works good for other android apps. I had run Hotstar and Fortnite on it, it was running smoothly and performance was good. But I feel Nox Player was better in configurable and other settings. The performance was better on my laptop of pubg mobile if I used Nox Player. That is why I have given it higher rank.TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

However, Bluestacks lacks the ability to adjust settings to match the performance of your PC. It means that if you have a low-end PC, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to run Bluestacks or it will be very laggy. Blustacks are free but, the same as Nox Player, it will install random apps on your PC which I find quite frustrating sometimes. I find it as a privacy breach.

Bluestacks official website: link

Alo Watch Emulator Game Play


Andy: #4 Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile 2020

Andy is a lesser-known pubg emulator. I myself recently discovered it and thought of sharing it with you. It has very good interesting features. It’s quite good for low-end Laptops and PC. I tried this emulator myself on a low-end laptop and it was running pubg mobile quite smoothly.TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank

There are 2 main unique features of this emulator that will make you happy

  1. data syncing: The day sync feature is very fast. It means that it takes some time to set up a game on an emulator. Andy being one of the best emulators for pubg mobile remove this obstacle by data syncing. It allows us to transfer the game from android mobile to PC directly and play instantaneously.
  2. joystick: This feature converts your mobile into a joystick for use on your laptops.

Andy official website: link.

Memu Play: #5 Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile 2020

No graphic card, Low ram sounds familiar to you? Then this is the right choice for you. This is your best bet when it comes for best emulators for pubg mobile in low-end laptops and PC.

You can play PUBG Mobile smoothly with this emulator. It has been developed for quite a long time so you can trust its stability. TOP 6 Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile 2020 with rank   Memu Play official website: link

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