Hotstar Mod Apk Free with IPL 2020 Mod & Disney+ Premium v 9.1.9 | Android only|

Special Hotstar Mod Apk Free for IPL 2020

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Fans have been patiently waiting for IPL 2020 to the premier and now their wishes have come true and Therefore we are helping every cricket fan to Watch IPL 2020 for free by providing Special Hotstar Mod Apk Free. The first watch of IPL 2020 released on 19 September and the number viewer we are providing Special Hotstar Mod Apk Free which will allow every user who has downloaded the Mod to watch IPL 2020 free without buying Hotstar premium.

This will also help the user to Watch IPL 2020 in full HD without any Buffering and also give them updates about upcoming matches. So every cricket and IPL fan who wants to Watch IPL 2020 free can download Special Hotstar Mod Apk Free with the Link provided below. Just make to Download Special Hotstar Mod Apk Freev and you’ll be able to watch IPl 2020. You dont have to do anything else and with this, you can stream IPL 2020 in HD without buffering and without paying for Hotstar premium.

More about Hotstar Mod apk Free and IPL 2020 mod :

Name: Hotstar Mod Mod and IPL 2020 mod apk Free
Compatible with: Android 4.1+
Latest version: 9.9.9
Developer: Novi Digital
Price: Free
Size: 23 MB
MOD: Yes
Category: Entertainment

Hotstar premium apk with Disney+ Subscription v 9.1.9 | Android only Mod|

Hotstar recently started premium membership. The premium apk membership is a recurring monthly plan. This membership grants you access to all the premium titles which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which will be added in the future.

Working of Hotstar IPL 2020 Mod APK Special Free

  • Watch and stream IPL 2020 Free at high quality absolutely free
  • High Video quality videos no supported
  • Modified version original Hotstar for Ipl 2020
  • Latest Blockbusters: Unspoiled & ad-free.
  • Live Sports: Including Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1.
  • Indian Tv shows, all the Latest episodes at 6 PM every day.

This membership is available for India and Indian users only.

Pros and Cons of Hotstar IPL 2020 Mod APK Free Special


  1. IPL 2020 Online stream is free
  2. No Hidden cost


  1. Only supports IPL 2020 free stream
  2. Other premium Content not Free, For that you need to download our other app

You can start a free trial for a month, and then you can continue using the services by paying ₹199 for one month and ₹999 for 9 months (special offer.) Also, you can cancel the membership whenever you want, and if you already made a prepaid payment, then the money will be credited back within 7–10 days. You can even cancel the same during the trial period as well. Get Hotstar Mod apk Free below.

Hotstar premium apk with Disney+ Subscription v 9.1.9 | Android only Mod|

Streaming services are getting popular demand in the past years. We can find almost every household is subscribed to a streaming service these days. Streaming services can substitute a cable subscription as it has enormous advantages over the traditional cable subscription. Especially the youngsters are attracted to this trend like crazy. It is hard to find people who do not use streaming services these days. In the case of the cable subscription, it has been found that their subscribers do not even watch the majority of channels that it is providing and getting paid for. Also, Hotstar gives you the facility to enjoy its services anytime, anywhere. This saves us from waiting for a particular time for our favorite show to get started. Get Hotstar premium apk below.

What’s New in Hotstar Mod IPL 2020 Special APK Free?

  • Free IPL 2020 Mod

IPL 2020 is set to return on 19 September and fans have been looking ways to watch it for free. Now with this mod, you can watch all the matches of the IPL free of cost at high quality. You will be able to stream all the matches.

  • High-Quality Stream with IPL 2020

For some people, quality matters a lot. Many other streaming platforms are trying to compete with Hotstar but are not even close to it. You’ll enjoy your favorite movies, shows and Even IPL 2020 in all of its glorious high-resolution quality! You don’t need to suffer anymore with pirated content or videos from YouTube just to be entertained. Get Hotstar premium apk below.

  •  Downloading videos in hotstar mod

For those who prefer downloading videos so that they can save data or watch it later, Hotstar provides this facility of downloading movies, videos, and other content. This is legal and hassle-free. Get Hotstar premium apk Free below.

  • Free Movies

Everyone likes watching movies. Hotstar is a platform where movie lovers get their best experience, whether it be quality, availability, downloading everything is provided here. Here you can watch Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and even vernacular movies as well. There is no shortage of movies. There are hundreds and thousands of movies made worldwide, so they make sure to update it with the recently released ones always. Get Hotstar premium apk Free below.

  • Others Sports and IPL 2020 Free Stream

You can watch live streaming on Hotstar, and it has the official rights to stream live cricket and kabaddi matches that air on Star TV. Also, you can watch reality TV shows at the same time it is airing on Indian national TV! .Get Hotstar premium apk Free below.

  • TV shows / Series

A tv show/series may just be what you’re looking for if you are tired of watching movies and sports. These shows typically last for 13 or more episodes, and each episode typically runs for an hour. Shows are what most people watch on cable tv the most back when streaming platforms weren’t as popular as they are today. But in this day and age, people simply can’t wait another week or a day just to watch an episode. They want to be able to watch when they want it instantly. That’s why streaming services paved the way to this instant gratification, and Hotstar has tons of shows to offer you. Get Hotstar premium apk below.

Hotstar Mod apk Free Installation Guide

Step 1:download the apk.

Now Step 2: Install the downloaded apk, by allowing “unknown resources” for the further installation process.

Then Step 3: Go to Home after its Installed. Then open your menu of all apps and you can find the Hotstar mod apk Free

and Final Step 4: Then, Click on the Hotstar app icon to operate it and enjoy anything you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I get this Hotstar app Free from the app store?

Answer: Yes, this app is available on the Google app store. Moreover, you can also download this app from the link and the google play store.

Question: If I download the Hotstar apk Free from the link, will it receive any updates?

Answers: Yes, it will receive updates just like any other app on your phone, and after downloading the apk, your app will also receive updates.

Question: Does the Hotstarapp contain any malware?

Answers: Absolutely Not! This apk is verified by google play services. The google play services verify all the digital signatures on the app, which are provided by the app developers and are 100 percent secure.

Question: How can I get the Hotstar premium app for free?

Answers: You can get the premium services for free by downloading the app from the link, or you can simply buy premium by spending real money on the app store.

Question: Does the Hotstar premium apk works with the VPN?

Answers: The app is compatible with all the VPN, and you can choose to use any VPN service with this app.

Question: Can the Hotstar Mod apk steal any private data from my phone?

Answers: No, the app is safe to use and does not steal any data from the user. It does not contain any secret code to steal from the user.

Question: In what languages is the Hotstar apk available?

Answer: The app is available in English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and more.

Question: Does this Hotstar app supports my Android mobile version?

Answers: This is available all the devices running Android 6.0 or later. You will need google play services installed on your android devices for proper functioning.

Question: Does the Hotstar Mod apk Free require root access to work properly?

Answers: No, it does not require any root access. It works perfectly on both rooted devices and non-rooted devices.

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Vist HOTSTAR OFFICIAL PAGE for their official app.

Thank you for your consideration.

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