Deltarune Chapter 2: Release Date, New Updates and More!

Deltarune Chapter 2: Release date, new updates and more...

Toby Fox created the perfect game for the Halloween season, Deltarune. Chapter 1 was released on Halloween in the year 2018. Ever since then he’s been working towards the development of Deltarune Chapter 2. He’s solely taken on to lead this project with only a few members in his team. He has detailed out his working process during the past two years as follows:

“So what I’ve done in the last two years is writing scenarios, composing background music, designing games, and creating sketches for graphics. But there are many other things…”

He’s come up with plenty of new ideas for the development of the story as well as the characters during this period and hopes to finish the entire game making process by the end of this year.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Official Announcement

In the September report, the creator of the game has officially released the statement that he is currently working on the development of Deltarune Chapter 2. The current pandemic and the deteriorating condition of his wrist are two factors that have had a major impact on his working process.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date

Since Fox is struggling with his injured wrist at the time, he hasn’t announced any particular release date for the second chapter of the game. All he has to say for now is that he wishes to finish the development process by the end of this year.

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Deltarune Chapter 2: Release date, new updates and more...

Detarune Chapter 2 Storyline

Set in the world of monsters, Deltarune is a game where the player fits in the shoes of a character named Kris, who along with his classmate Susie falls into the “Dark World”. Here they meet Ralsei, after which the trio embarks on a journey marred with attacks from enemies, to seal the duplicate Dark Fountain and save the world, as has been prophesied.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Updates and the future

The creator of the game has been leaving regular updates about Deltarune on this  website. He’s listed down some of the setbacks he has had to face during the development process.

...this time, the difficulty of development is much higher than that of “UNDERTALE” …

  1. Graphics are many times more complicated than last time
  2. The system is also more complicated than last time
  3. My weakness as a creator/artist tends to be a bottleneck
  4. Assembling the plot is also much more difficult than last time (because of the increased number of characters and the number of important places)
  5. The content included in one through play has increased significantly from “UNDERTALE” (especially cutscenes)
  6. Only one game I have completed so far”

(Quoted from the translation of the Development Progress Report for September.)

In the report, he has also claimed to work on further chapters in the future once he’s done with the second one. The subsequent chapters will be based on what Chapter 2 has to offer.

Watch The Trailer

As of now, no trailer has been released for Chapter 2 despite various rumors. Till the time more updates surface for Deltarune Chapter 2, you can entertain your gaming spirit by engaging with Chapter 1 of the game.

Download links for various consoles are available here. You can download the game for free from there.

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