FAU G Mod APK /ios Free Download – Latest version for Android

Download FAU G Mod Apk / ios below! The online battle royale shooting games have been around for ages now. It has been initiated by its popularity by PUBG, followed by Fortnite. Soon, several games came into the line. Many shooting genre games are available that we can play happily, aside from the popularized games.

Since PUBG and many Chinese apps are banned in India, many are disappointed and looking for alternatives. While some of those are not up to the expectations of what Indians are hoping for, particularly after bidding farewell to PUBG. Fau G is an upcoming battle royale game that is expected to be released in October. But considering the game details, it’s designed as similar to PUBG and other shooting genre games, which many of us are looking to play.

FAU G Mod APK /ios Free Download - Latest version for Android

What is Fau G Mod Apk?

The shooting genre games are now popular around the globe. They are one of the best popular types of games since they attract a vast range of gamers. Irrespective of your gender, age, and country in which you’re a resident, you can play battle royale games for free and take out your enemies in the game.

Sometimes, some impediments occur in the player’s way. There are several players of PUBG around the globe. But, India’s government banned it in the country for security reasons and the safety of natives. Since it was banned, Indian gamers became frustrated. Now, they are looking for new arrivals of a brand-new shooting game named Fau G!

Features of Fau G Mod Apk

Fau G is a new battle royale game that comes with a feeling of a new PUBG! Here, there are many features that you’ll be amazed at. Here are a few of them:FAU G Mod APK /ios Free Download - Latest version for Android

Familiar Gameplay 

The shooting games genre always finishes at the top. They are well known, and they’ve emerged themselves as one of the most games that are playable. But since PUBG is banned in India, many Indian gamers are expecting a new alternative game to play. Fau G is one of a kind that Indians are looking for and soon will be available on Google Play Store! This game is a brand-new game that’s certainly an alternative to PUBG players. Even though it appears that it doesn’t feature a battle royale gameplay yet, it has a story mode and multiplayer mode. For some of us, this is sufficient to begin to play the game since PUBG is banned.

Plenty of weapons 

As it is a brand-new shooting genre game, you can anticipate that there will be many weapons available in the game. Ranging from SMGs, pistols, shotguns to sniper rifles, machine guns, and Automatic rifles – there are several weapons and ways to kill enemies! You can use these guns by purchasing them in the shop!


Since the game hasn’t launched officially yet, there is no sufficient information or images regarding the map of Fau G. However, and this is a battle royale game, we can think that there would be some world-building right off the bat. There are several great things to anticipate, particularly in a game that they’re taking part as a PUBG alternative!

Free download 

Like most games like PUBG, Fau G is also available for free to download in Google Play Store. This offer is a great good thing for most gamers since this is such a kind of model that they are looking for. Even though in-app purchases would be there that you will be able to purchase using actual money, the actual currency is converted into in-game money to buy weapons and many other items.


Graphics and controls 

By observing the trailer only, we can expect that this game will be ultimately realistic and a good shooting game. There would be no big difference to controls, and they are designed as similar to other shooting genre games.

Fau G Mod APK – Latest Version DownloadFAU G Mod APK Free Download - Latest version for Android

Fau G is a brand new game that will be coming to India in October. Download the latest version now.

We are sorry to say this, and there are no mods of Fau G that are available so far since the game hasn’t officially launched. Even though some may offer mods, we cannot assure the hacks’ proper functioning that the mod exactly offers. We will update you as soon as the mods get released.

  1. However, we can provide you some of the aspects and features of the upcoming Fau G mod apk.
  • Wallhack
  • Automobile Aim
  • Endless Coins
  • No Recoil
  • Teaming up with Friends
  • All skins Unlocked
  • No Root required
  • Anti-Ban etc.

Check out The trailer Fau G below.

Till then, do check out Telegram Channel in which many Mod apks are available.

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