LUDO STAR Hack v141.36 [mod apk /ios ][Unlimited COINS, GEMS]

LUDO STAR apk v1.35.36 [GET FOR FREE][Android]

LUDO STAR™ APK GAME has reached 300+ Million Downloads!

Are you Looking for Ludo Star Hack??? If yes you are in the right place!! here we are going to guide about Ludo Star Hack. Ludo star apk is a classic board game played between friends and family. Play the dice game of kings! Recall your childhood!.

Ludo star is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms at the same time. This game also supports offline mode, where players can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (play and pass mode). Ludo star is also a favorite game of Bollywood superstar. Play this dice game, Ludo star. Best casual game in board games.

LUDO STAR Hack Mod Apk

  • These are new themes available in the latest update:

    Nature Theme
    Egypt Theme
    Disco / Night mode Theme
    Pinball Theme
    Candy Theme
    Christmas Theme

LUDO STAR apk v1.35.36 [GET FOR FREE][Android]
What’s New in Ludo Star Hack?

  • Biggest Ludo Star Update Ever!

  • Win Games and Get Special Chests

  • Collect Dice Faces from the Chests

  • Send Gifts to a friend while playing the game

  • Complete your Dice Collection and win Gems

  • Important Security Fixes

  • Reward Box: Watch Ads to win gems now!

  • Friend List Search Made Easy: Sorted by Name

  • A lot of Bug Fixes and Performance improvements

Ludo star Apk game is the modern version of the royal game of Pachisi. A Ludo game which was played between Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board. Beat other players become the Ludo star. and you beat them with Ludo Star Hack

LUDO STAR apk v1.35.36 [GET FOR FREE][Android]

Ludo Classic Features:

  • Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
  • Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice
  • Play with your favorite rules likes: Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering the home, etc.
  • Get for Free!
  • Applicable to Any Ages!
  • Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
  • Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play. Bing your friends while you play.

LUDO STAR apk v1.35.36 [GET FOR FREE][Android]

Ludo star mod apk is a friend and family game and now it can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends. You’ll be playing this Ludo for hours and its fun for the whole family.

Ludo star mod apk is a perfect time pass game of the Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet.

Ludo star mod apk has different names in different regions and countries like Fia, Fia-spell (Fia the game), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), Nont’arrabbiare, Fia med snuff (Fia with push), Cờ cá ngựa, Uckers, Griniaris, Petits Chevaux (Little Horses), Ki nevet a végén, برسي (Barjis/Barjees). People also misspell Ludo as Loodo, Chakka, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado

Please Enjoy Classic Ludo STAR hack ! The more you play, the more exciting it becomes. Best Ludo game 2017 !!! Believe us and get it. Play this royal game of Kings, Queens and Princes. You will never regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I get this app from the app store?

Answer: Yes, this app is available on the Google app store. Moreover, you can also download this app from the link and the google play store.

Question: If I download the apk from the link, will it receive any updates?

Answers: Yes, the app will receive updates just like any other app on your phone and after downloading the apk your app will also receive updates.

Question: Does the app contain any malware?

Answers: Absolutely Not! The apps are verified by google play services. The google play services Verify all the digital signatures on the app which are provided by the app developers an are 100 percent secure.

Question: How can I get the premium app for free?

Answers: You can get the premium services for free by downloading the app from the link or you can simply buy premium by spending real money on the app store.

Question: Does the app works with the VPN?

Answers: The app is compatible with all the VPN and you can choose to use any VPN service with this app.

Question: Can the Hack steal any private data from my phone?

Answers: No, the app is safe to use and does not steal any data from the user. It does not contain any secret code to steal from the user.

Question: In what languages is the app available?

Answer: The app is available in English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and more

Question: Does this app supports my Android mobile version?

Answers: This app is available all the devices running Android 6.0 or later. You will need google play services installed on your android devices for proper functioning.

Question: Does the app requires root access to work properly?

Answers: No, the app does not require any root access. It works perfectly on booth rooted devices and non-rooted devices

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