Heatmor Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!


Heatmor is a Fire-type pokemon. If you have the search for a Pokemon that has great offence then you will find that Moveset with Heatmor evolution though the weakness it has here is the low defence capabilities.

It has a physique that looks similar to an Anteater. It is covered with fur of red colour with yellow strips resembling molten lava and has a head and legs of greyish brown colour. Limbs of this pokemon have three sharp yellow claws and have brown pipe-like projections on its back and underside of its body. This pokemon has a brown wrist band with black ovaloid spots aligned along its rim, on each hand. It has a hollow cylindrical brown tail resembling a pipe.

Heatmor has an internal flame and puffs air from its tail and breathes out fire from its mouth like flamethrower and uses it like a tongue. Its flame is hot enough to melt the hard shell of Durrant. This pokemon is also known as the ‘Anteater Pokemon’. It is introduced in Generation 5.

About Heatmor

  • National No.: 631
  • Japanese Name: Kuitaram
  • Height and weight: 1.4 m or 4’07” and 58.0 kg or 127.9 lbs
  • Ability:
    • Gluttony
    • Flash Fire
    • White Smoke (hidden ability)
  • Local No.:
    • 137 (Black/ White)
    • 193 (Black 2/ White 2)
    • 105 (X/ Y – Mountain Kalos)
    • 317 (Sword/ Shield)
  • Catch Rate: 90 (11.8% with Poke Ball)
  • Base Friendship: 70
  • Base Experience: 169
  • Growth Rate: Medium Fast
  • Egg Group: Field
  • Gender: 50% male, 50% female
  • Egg Cycles: 5,140 to 4,884 steps

Heatmor Pokedex Stats

  • Hit Point (HP):  85
  • Attack:  97
  • Defence:  66
  • Special Attack:  105
  • Special Defense:  66
  • Speed:  65
  • Total: 484

Moves Learned By Heatmor

The best and strongest move sets for a Heatmor are Fire Spin and Flamethrower.

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Heatmor learns the following types of move sets:







Lv. 15 Bug Bite Physical 60 100 Bug
Lv. 40 Hone Claws Status Dark
Lv. 10 Incinerate Special 60 100 Fire
Lv. 35 Fire Lash Physical 80 100 Fire
Lv. 50 Fire Spin Special 35 85 Fire
Lv. 55 Inferno Special 100 50 Fire
Lv. 60 Flare Blitz Physical 120 100 Fire
Lv. 01 Lick Physical 30 100 Ghost
Lv. 01 Tackle Physical 40 100 Normal
Lv. 05 Fury Swipes Physical 18 80 Normal
Lv. 20 Spit up Special 100 Normal
Lv. 20 Stockpile Status Normal
Lv. 20 Swallow Status Normal
Lv. 25 Slash Physical 70 100 Normal
Lv. 30 Bind Physical 15 85 Normal
Lv. 45 Amnesia Status Psychic

Moves Learned By TMHeatmor Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Heatmor gains the following types of move sets through Technical Machines:







TM 23 Thief Physical 60 100 Dark
TM 59 Fling Physical 100 Dark
TM 97 Brutal Swing Physical 60 100 Dark
TM 05 Thunder Punch Physical 75 100 Electric
TM 63 Drain Punch Physical 75 100 Fighting
TM 03 Fire Punch Physical 75 100 Fire
TM 13 Fire Spin Special 35 85 Fire
TM 34 Sunny Day Status Fire
TM 38 Will-O-Wisp Status 85 Fire
TM 65 Shadow Claw Physical 70 100 Ghost
TM 11 Solar Beam Special 120 100 Grass
TM 28 Giga Drain Special 75 100 Grass
TM 15 Dig Physical 80 100 Ground
TM 98 Stomping Tantrum Physical 75 100 Ground
TM 09 Giga Impact Physical 150 90 Normal
TM 24 Snore Special 50 100 Normal
TM 25 Protect Status Normal
TM 31 Attract Status 100 Normal
TM 39 Facade Physical 70 100 Normal
TM 76 Round Special 60 100 Normal
TM 21 Rest Status Psychic
TM 48 Rock Tomb Physical 60 95 Rock
TM 33 Rain Dance Status Water

How To Find Heatmor?

Heatmor Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!



Black/ White Victory Road
Black 2/ White 2 Twist Mountain
X/ Y Route 18
Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire Trade or migrate from another game
Sun/ Moon

Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon

Trade or migrate from another game
Let’s Go Pikachu/ Let’s Go Eevee Trade or migrate from another game
Sword/ Shield Route 6, Giant’s Mirror, Lake of Outrage

How To Evolve?Heatmor Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Heatmor is unevolved and it does not evolve.

How Much Useful Is My Heatmor?

Heatmor is a Fire-type Pokemon. It can resist Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy-type pokemon. However, it is vulnerable to Ground, Rock, and Water-type pokemon.

Heatmor makes a pretty good Fire-type wall breaker. It has good offensive stats and an impressive Fire Lash move. However, it is too slow and is outspeed by many Offensive pokemon. Further having a low defence makes it unable to take hits well.

So, does the Moveset, weakness, and other information seem worthy of Heatmor Evolution? Then right away head to Heatmor Evolution.

And if the case is otherwise then you may like to see some other Pokemon Evolution rather than the one for Heatmor and can see for whatever Moveset, weakness, and other specification suits better. Visit Herald Journalism for that!

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