Download Doodle Army 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Grenades) Chat codes

Doodle army 2 mod apk
doodle army 2 mod apk

For PUBG lovers, what games have you played before its launch? Well, most ones would answer Doodle Army 2. Even if you haven’t played this, check out any professional player in the PUBG community, they would say Mini Militia. These mods or hacks in Doodle Army 2 are nothing but some illegal ways to overcome the enemy. But, what comes better than tweaking the enemy in the game? You can outwit the enemy without even his sense of what would happen. Do you want to know what hacks are out there in Mini Militia? Well, let us check out the Doodle Army 2Hacks and cheat codes that one uses in the game to exploit the exclusive stuff which is not accessible by a normal user. Also, get Cheat Codes Of Doodle Army 2 mod apk.

Doodle Army is very popular and one of the most favorites for players. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is a renowned 2D shooter genre game. It is developed by Appsomniacs LLC and launched by Miniclip. The game was released back in the year 2011 on the iOS platform and in 2015 on Android and was the most downloaded and favorite game of the year.  Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is one of the enormous multiplayer battle game in which up to 6 players can play all together and the last one standing wins the game. Read more to know about Mini Militia Hacks.

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Doodle Army 2 APK Details

With our cracked Version of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia MOD APK, you will get. Pro pack Unlocked for free which is available by only paying for it. In addition to that, you will get unlimited health and Unlimited bombs or nitro in the game. Even when you are in multiple enemies combat, you would have no need to reload your firearm along with unlimited ammo

Apk name Doodle Army 2 Mod APK
Apk Version 5.3.3 [Latest]
Apk Size 42 MB
Last Update 17-Sep-2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
Genre Action

Download Doodle Army 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Grenades) Chat codes

Doodle Army 2 HACKS

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ammo is one of the most used and popular ones. No ammo will go zero with this hack. With this hack in your hands, you would have no need of looting multiple times since you have unlimited ammo. Select any gun of your preferences or favorites and start hitting your enemies.

No Reload

You might have known this word. With unlimited ammo, what is the need to reload? Your Weapon doesn’t get reloaded every time that when ammo finishes. You can hit as many as enemies you can with no reload feature on your fingertips. You can take out many at a single span of fire time. It means with the finger on the fire tap button, you can take out many enemies in a line.

Unlimited Nitro or Boost Download Doodle Army 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Grenades) Chat codes

One of the supreme hacks of the game is unlimited Nitro. That means you can fly as much as time you want. With this hack, you have no need to worry about that your nitro is decreasing when you are up in the air since there is unlimited nitro with you. You can be up as long as you want with this hack at your hands.

Unlimited Bomb

The name must have put enough details in your mind. Unlimited Bomb means you can throw as many bombs as you want on your enemy. There will be no shortage of bombs in your bag with this hack in active.

5 Bullets per shotMini Militia: The Hacks, Chat codes and Cheat Codes of Mini Militia 2020

This is a bit tricky to understand! This hack enables your weapon to shoot 5 bullets at a single shot or fire with your finger on it. It means that your gun would release or fire 5 bullets on each and every shots that you launched on your enemy. You need to put your time on one enemy shooting like some certain bullets when you are in a situation with multiple enemies. You can hit many enemies with this hack.

One-Shot Dead Enemy

Did you get this? This is like a headshot kill with a powerful Sniper in a shooting genre game. With this hack, an enemy can be killed simply with hitting a solo or a single shot to the enemy and boom, you way has been cleared.

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Here are some of the additional things related to Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Chat and cheat codes.

Doodle Army 2 Chat Codes ( Hacks)

The player can utilize the following chat codes when they are in the chatroom and every letter must be entered in small alphabets.

  • Captain of the Army – Chat Code: duke
  • No Reloading – Chat Code: tootsie pop
  • 7,000 Battle Points – Chat Code: gummy bear

Doodle Army 2 Cheats – Developer Codes

These codes work only with the Developer Preview of the game

  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Weapon Upgrade – WU-MN45789

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