InShot Pro Mod APK /ios 1.683.1304 – Installation Guide, Features and More

InShot Pro Mod APK is what you need if you want to make amazing videos using your smartphone. You might be used to doing a lot of editing on a computer. This app allows you to do the same on your mobile device. Here’s everything you need to know about this app mod and what it brings for you.

What is InShot Pro Mod APK?

The app is essentially a mighty basic video editor. Basic means that it allows you to do all the essentials and nothing more. It’s a nifty app for those who want to make videos for social media quickly. We will discuss later in the article all the features that this app has. 

InShot Pro Mod APK User Interface

InShot Pro Mod APK /ios 1.671.1299 - Installation Guide, Features and More

The user interface of the app is spotless and easy to navigate. Everything that you need will have a symbol and text representing what it is. Its ease of use allows you to do what you need to do quickly. You can find what the user interface looks like below. 

InShot Pro Mod APK /ios App Features

InShot Pro Mod APK /ios 1.671.1299 - Installation Guide, Features and More

The InShot Pro Mod APK/ ios feature everything that you want from a video editing app. It allows you to transform your videos into a masterpiece. All that limits you is your imagination. So, there features that the app has are:

  1. It gives you the most basic features, which are trimming and cropping. It allows you to trim your videos into separate segments and then edit those separately. The app gives you an amount of depth that is similar to some computer programs. 
  2. The app allows you to add special effects and filters. You can’t create any effects, but it still gives you a decent selection for anyone who wants to make a quick video to upload to social media. 
  3. You can also change the format of the video. It allows you to convert it to mp4, which is the most used video type in the world. This gives you the ability to share the video anywhere, regardless of how it was filmed. 
  4. The app also allows you to add music. You can essentially add audio clips to your videos and adjust them as you wish.
  5. You can also control the speed of your video. It allows you to really emphasize something by slowing it down or speeding it up.
  6. If you’re in the mood to make a slideshow from your photos, the app allows you to do that as well.
  7. Lastly, the sharing option is perfect on the app. It allows you to share your edited project directly from the app.

 Inshot APK (Mod) Features

Apart from the InShot Pro Mod APK/ios features, the mod gives you a bit more. It is a Standalone Android Package. 

It supports the following CPU architecture:

  1. arm i-v7a, amr64-v8a.
  2. It also supports the following screen DPIs: 
  3. hdpi [240dpi], xhdpi [320dpi], xxhdpi [480dpi], xxxhdpi [640dpi].
  4. And lastly, all the Pro features are unlocked in this mod APK.

Go To InShot Pro Mod APK Download Page Here

That’s it. Enjoy InShot Pro APK with its premium features unlocked and no watermark hack!

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