Chef’s Table Season 7: Release Date and All about the Show is Here!

Long gone are the days of conventional television shows. Viewers these days, are constantly looking for fresh content to dedicate their time to. One such unconventional reality show is Netflix’s Chef’s Table. The creator of the show, David Gelb, considers it to be a sequel to his documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi that came out in 2011. The show has a combination of directors for various episodes. The many directors of the show are Brian McGinn (6 episodes), Clay Jeter (5 episodes), David Gelb (4 episodes), Andrew Fried (3 episodes), and Abigail Fuller (2 episodes). The documentary series has already released six seasons and its dedicated audience is now hoping for Chef’s Table Season 7 to come out soon.

Release Date of Chef’s Table Season 7

Season 1 premiered on Netflix in 2015 and the show has since then, ran successfully to top the charts. There is no release date given yet.

Chef's Table Season 7: Release Date and All about the Show is Here!

The Official Announcement

As soon as Season 6 ended, Netflix renewed the show for 2 more seasons. This means we now have Season 7 and Season 8 in production. The show is an award winner in the non-fiction category. Two of them are the Primetime Emmy Award and the James Beard Foundation Award. The Chef’s Table: BBQ has premiered on September 2, 2020. Season 7 is going to have some amazing chefs from THE US, Australia, and Mexico.

Chef’s Table Season 7 Storyline

Chef’s Table is a documentary that revolves around some of the world’s best chefs and what goes on in their lives while creating their best dishes. Everything from the preparations to the result is recorded and presented for the world to see.

Chef's Table Season 7: Release Date and All about the Show is Here!

The Cast

There is no specific cast on the show. The show casts a new chef every day and so does not have a fixed cast. It does have a series of the crew that makes the show what it is. Some cinematographers capture the correct shots and make every frame worth watching.

The Chef’s Table has the following cinematographers Adam Bricker (Episode 9), Will Basanta (Episode 5), Matthew Chavez (Episode 1), Chloe Weaver (Episode 1). Then, various editors control what we see on screen and make sure there are no untamed ends.

Chef's Table Season 7: Release Date and All about the Show is Here!

The Trailer

Don’t forget to catch the trailer below.

Chef’s Table is available on Netflix. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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