Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2: Release Date, Story and More On It!

We finally obtained all the enticing details regarding Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2 for which all of the die-heart followers are eagerly waiting about. Since you are someone who is eagerly waiting for this Korean drama as well, we would really like to assure you that you are at the correct place to get responses to all your concerns about season 2.

Official Announcement Of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2

The show has been directed by Lee Hyung-min and the first season of the tv series had launched on 24 April 2017 by Park Jun-Seo, Ra Sung-Shik, Park Ji-an, and Lee Jin-suk [ko]. The plot features Park Bo-story young’s as a woman of superhuman abilities in the lead role.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2: Release Date, Plot and More On It!

If this coronavirus pandemic extends for longer, then the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2 may also switch to 2022 instead of 2021 by high possibility. For all the inspiring audiences, we realise this is disappointing news, but nothing can be down, as the protection of the makers has been the first and primary concern of all of us. Further, in this pandemic era, nobody can really risk the possibility of making it since the creating of a web series demands a tremendous cost and time and even a small failure can inflict producers major losses. If any change is made with respect to the scheduled release of season 2, we will update it as early as possible.

About Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2

This show unlike other Korean Drama stories tells a unique story. At just the middle of it, there’s a girl looking as though she’s fragile and frail, but she’s really the hardest person in the world.

Story of  Season 2

The story of a girl who has become the best example of the proclamation, “Looks can be deceiving. Bong-soon has been born and raised where only a particularly unique power is given to women. They retain from their mother’s amazing strength and transfer it on to their daughters. Bong-soon intends only one thing out of her adolescence, realising about her superhuman strength: the potential to help folks.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2: Release Date, Plot and More On It!

She, meanwhile, develops affection on a cop, known as Guk-doo. He might not learn her truth, and by interpreting her naive appearance, he does not in itself overlook the chance to come and save her. She does not at all get him to dislike her, so the secret is not disclosed to her. For the meantime, she still inhabits the ability to make console games. As the CEO of a video game company encounters her power first time and success lands at her doorstep.

Ahn Min-hyuk is a young, multi-millionaire with several issues in his life, one of which is a persistent threat. He sees Bong-soon one day, protecting a mistress from a bunch of men. He is scared of her power and provides her with his bodyguard’s work. She supports it, believing that one day she will enter his firm in another way. Their closeness slowly begins to transform from a collaborative partnership to a personal one. Although all of this continues, a professional thief also intricate puzzles in the area, and Bong-soon plans to arrest him.

Cast Of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Season 2

Only JTBC, the South Korean streaming platform, and the broadcasting company will announce season 2 of this program. It’s because JTBC holds all of the broadcasting rights of this drama for all future seasons only. We agree that with a new season, the creators of this series will certainly return as this show not only got a lot of love and admiration but now become a successful part of the economy for them, so who will abandon such a choice.

  • Park Bo-young as Do Bong-soon
  • Yoo Jae-Myung as Do Chil-goo
  • Ji Soo as In Guk-doo
  • Park Hyung-sik as Ahn Min-hyuk
  • Ahn Woo-yeon as Do Bong-ki
  • Shim Hye-jin as Hwang Jin-yi
  • Kim Seong-beom as Ahn Dong-ha
  • Shim Hoon-gi as Ahn Dong-suk
  • Joo Ho as Neokboi
  • Han Jung-kook as Ahn Chul-do
  • Seol In-ah as Jo Hee-ji
  • Yoon Ye-hee as Jung Mi-hwa
  • Kim Min-kyo as Ahgari
  • Kim Won-hae as Kim Kwang-bok
  • Choi Moo-in as Yook
  • Jeon Seok-ho as Secretary Gong
  • Im Won-hee as Baek Soo-tak
  • Oh Soon-tae as Bulgom


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

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