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Who is Bret Weinstein? Controversy Explained, Life & More

Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist and author of ‘A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life’. He was a professor at the Evergreen State College and came to national attention in 2017 due to protests at Evergreen State College. He has been accused of being a ‘racist’ after he wrote a message on the campus email list.

Bret Weinstein and Part in Day of Absence

In 2017 approx. 25% of the student in the Evergreen State College were racial minorities. Day of absence is observed for many years in Evergreen State College where minority students and faculty members take a day off.

This event is inspired by a play named ‘Day of Absence’ by Douglas Turner Ward, in which all black people disappear for a day. This event was organized to understand the importance of black people in day-to-day life. In 2017, organizers decided that this year white people will

stay off-campus upon which Bret Weinstein objected that if a group of people voluntarily wants to stay off-campus then it’s okay but they should not encourage or force other people to do the same thing.


After Bret Weinstein’s message, huge protests arouse against him in the  Evergreen State College labeling him as racist. Bret Weinstein was told by the campus police to stay outside the campus as it was not safe for him to go inside.

Due to which he had to take his biology class in a public park. Later on, he filed a lawsuit against the Evergreen State College that the College president didn’t ask the campus police to calm down the protesters. Weinstein told that campus police said that they could not protect him. President of the  Evergreen State College said that Bret Weinstein’s freedom of speech is never taken nor anyone from the college tried to silence him.

He can say whatever he wants to say. The campus was safe during the time of protest and no one was forced to participate in the Day of absence. In September 2017 a settlement have been made in which Bret Weinstein and his wife (also an evolutionary biologist) received $250,000 each and resigned from Evergreen State College. Stay with Herald Journalism for all the latest updates.

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