3 Disgusting Women Accused Man with FALSE RAPE Charges coz of ‘Revenge’, Go JAIL FREE

Last year, near mid-September, a student from Kansas university told the authorities that she had been raped the previous night by her ex-boyfriend’s friend but did not remember much as she was drunk and didn’t want to press charges. The female student gave the police access to her phone. After the authorities went through the text messages, it seemed like the incident the previous night was a mistake.

The police thought that the girl wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend, so she slept with his friend and claimed it was rape after a colleague threatened to spread the news about the incident. The woman backed herself up by saying that she was pretty sure that the encounter was borderline rape as she had bruises and a statement.

At first, the woman seemed to be joking about it then later claimed that she started remembering what happened. She remembered telling the guy “No” and tried to leave. Prosecutors had to drop charges against her in fear that other rape victims would not open about real rape incidents after they hear about this case.City issues Cold Weather Alert for Deadly Temperatures in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!!

After encountering some cases, the Douglas County law enforcement officials will be changing their training program for their attorneys and the coordinators of victim/ witness and improve their training procedure. 

They will be including an updated “Trauma information” procedure in the training schedule, which will teach the attorneys that false evidence submitted by the victim is actually a sign of previous rape trauma. 

District attorney Charles Branson made an announcement and said that police, detectives and the employees in his office would have to go through a five-hour training course which will teach them how to conduct a “Trauma-Informed” sexual assault investigation, according to the Associated Press. However, this will not apply to murderers, theft, or burglary.

After this new order by the DA, the authorities then had to drop charges against two more women who were falsely testifying about rape, under “trauma-informed.” Now it will be impossible to convict a woman of lying about rape as all false statements will be considered evidence of a previous assault. 

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