5 Things You Should Know About Indiana Jones 5. Is Steven Spielberg Directing? Read All Details Below

Fans of Indiana Jones, your decade long wait will soon be over, as Indiana Jones 5, which was officially confirmed in 2016, now has a confirmed release date. Read below to find out five things that you should know about Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones 5 is coming back with Harrison Ford. Is Chris Pratt also Onboard?? Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

It has already been 12 years since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released. If the sources and our guesses are to believed, Indiana Jones 5 will take place in the 1960s, as Crystal Skull took place in the 1950s.
Not much can be said about the plot right now, but one thing is for sure; this time, no aliens and alternate universes will be involved.

  • When Will Indiana Jones Release?

Well, Indiana Jones five was confirmed in 2016 and was supposed to release in 2019 and then in 2020 initially. But because of several factors and the world facing a pandemic, July 29, 2021, has been set as the date on which the movie will hit the big screen.

  • Who Will Play The Role Of Indiana Jones In Indiana Jones 5?

Well, that should not even be considered as a question. Who else can do justice to the role of the famous archaeologist, other than Harrison Ford?
The producer of the franchise, Frank Marshall, confirmed that no new actor would be cast for the role of Indiana Jones. He asked the fans to disregard the rumor, which was doing rounds about Chris Patt being the new Indiana Jones.


  • Is Steven Spielberg Not Directing Indiana Jones 5?

Sources have confirmed that Steven Spielberg, the charismatic director who directed the first four Indiana Jones films, will not direct Indiana Jones 5. Spielberg confirmed the news and said that it was his personal choice not to address the fifth movie of the franchise. He said he wanted to explore the perspective of the new generation directors. James Mangold is directing Indiana Jones 5.

  • What Is The Title Of Indiana Jones 5?

Well, the makers have yet not released the official title of Indiana Jones 5, and they may not confirm a title anytime before 2021. The same goes for the first trailer of the movie. It may not be released before the end of 2020 or early 2021.

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