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kung fu panda tigress and po

After seeing them in action in battle with Jade Tusk and her warriors, Po eagerly embraces his unexpected new role. This left Po more sure and more aware of himself than he ever was. Even after Tai Lung had victoriously retrieved the scroll and Po explained the truth about its message, in that it's blank, reflective surface symbolized that the power was only to believe in oneself. Journeying to the panda village with Li Shan - and being accompanied by Mr. Ping - Po meets other pandas, including his cousins Dim and Sum and the ribbon dancer Mei Mei, and learns more about his mother. It was later revealed that Boss Wolf and Po had met before: When Shen and his army attacked a panda village years ago, Boss Wolf had attacked Po when he was an infant, but Po's father intervened and struck him in the face with a farming tool before he could harm the child. Po is allergic to feathers, dust, flowers, and pollen. Po and the Five worked together to drive off the invading pack of wolves, but as the battle neared its end, Po noticed a symbol on the wolf's armor. Later in the battle, Storming Ox, Croc and Shifu join and, all together, the warriors almost reach Shen. Po already knew some things about Tai Lung (specifically the leopard's mastery of all one thousand scrolls of kung fu and his eventual incarceration), but he had never actually met him. Afterwards, Po began to consider other possible career paths, such as a cleaner, comedian, dancer, or doctor, and made a list of them on a scroll. Shifu telling Po and the Five about Lord Shen. Oogway took this as a sign that the universe had brought them all the Dragon Warrior. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Sign In or join Fanpop to add your comment. He is also the foretold Dragon Warrior of legend, and a master of the Panda Style of kung fu. Po wears nothing from the top, but does wear burlap pants that consist of patches stitched in, with a variety of different colors and hues. In the end, Po created his own style that uses his perceived weaknesses as his strengths.[4]. Po realizes that Shen had been there the last time he had seen his parents. Kung Fu Panda: The GameKung Fu Panda: Legendary WarriorsKung Fu Panda 2: The GameKung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Using raindrops, Po manages to perform the same water drop technique Shifu had demonstrated and uses them to guide his memories. In his battle with Tai Lung in the first film, Po's bulky physique made him naturally immune to Tai Lung's nerve attacks (which were blunted so much that to Po it felt like he was being intensely tickled), and his portliness making him incredibly resistant to severe physical hits, allowing Po to take Tai Lung's strength and use it against him. Celebrating the iconic animated franchise, the collection features unique themes from the Kung Fu Panda franchise, its loveable hero Po, and the styles and teachings of the supporting cast: You're a disgrace to kung fu, and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do, you will be gone by morning. At the time, it was strongly believed, by Shifu and herself, that Oogway was about to choose her as the Dragon Warrior before Po's entrance, despite Oogway's statements. But as she did this, Lotus began crying and his mother pleaded for him to stop. The Five destroy the weapon while Po goes after Shen himself. Po being awarded the Dragon Scroll by Shifu. Shifu threatening Po with the Wuxi Finger Hold. After fencing with his new staff, Po asked Oogway what was going to happen next. Tigress notices his absence and goes to speak with him. This distraction allows the Five to escape their bonds. Shifu also came to the noodle shop, still upset that Po had "ruined" the palace feast, but upon seeing the happy celebration taking place inside, Shifu came to appreciate Po's decision. ^ Revealed in the behind-the-scenes filmmaker commentary on the Kung Fu Panda 3 DVD/Blu-ray. During their converstion, Mr.Ping reveals that Po is adopted and that he found Po as a baby in a radish crate that had been delivered to the restaurant. Soothsayer : Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. The tragedy of Po's past weighs heavy on him, but the Soothsayer reminds Po that it's his actions in the present that define him. However, Po only demonstrated an eager fearlessness to continue despite failing and getting pummeled every time. He was the one that was first inspired and told the world of Po's destined calling, much to everyone's disbelief. Presumably up until the first film, he had been pretending to share his father's interest in noodles and inheriting his noodle shop. Po about to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda. Po facing Lord Shen's fleet in the city harbor. Po challenging Tai Lung with the Dragon Scroll. Though Oogway had foretold that whoever he'd choose would bring peace to the Valley and to Shifu himself, Shifu refused to accept that a "flabby panda" could be the true Dragon Warrior. The Furious Five and the visiting masters later showed up at the restaurant and took part in the festivities as well. Po's faith in his father is restored when he becomes the first alongside Mr. Ping to volunteer to help, persuading the village to as well. He and Shifu later enjoyed a meal of dumplings by the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, overlooking a new day in the Valley of Peace. However, Mr. Ping refused, stating he couldn't be away from the restaurant and let his customers down. Po became deeply interested in the tale when it mentioned that pandas were once great practitioners of chi, who taught Oogway the art, but Kai abused the power to take chi from others, leading to Oogway banishing him to the Spirit Realm. Also known as Po plummeted to the ground, landing just before Oogway's claw which, when he regained consciousness, was pointed directly at him. After they identified Li as his father, Shifu suggested that Li observe Po teach a class. Po went to explore the Masters' Council exhibit with Tigress and Mantis, whom he had told there was an "emergency". :] OHMIGAH! Throughout the series, he is shown to have many adoring fans and he welcomes the attention, occasionally to the point that it begins to negatively impact his duties or those around him. This appearance greatly resembles that of the dream Po from the first film, and only appears when Po is in the Spirit Realm. TIGRESS!!! He explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family, friends, and neighbors during the holiday. Po then willing gave his chi to Kai, overloading him with power, destroying him and freeing the masters he had captured, including Oogway. When he returned to the noodle shop to play with his action figures while bathing, Po is caught in the act by Mr. Ping, who could tell that something was bothering him. Tigress is cool, but compared to Po she is nothing. Lebanon - July 10, 2008 Po realizing the secret of the Dragon Scroll. As he continued to care for him, Mr. Ping grew to love the cub. Series By the end of the film, the bond between Po and Mr. Ping remains strong as the two still acknowledge each other as family even when Li is reintroduced into Po's life. When they finally met, Tai Lung was taken aback, as he had never dreamed that the legendary Dragon Warrior would be a panda. Po reveals to Tai Lung the meaning behind the scroll, that in just believing you are special is enough. He also appeared to be slightly jealous that Po had mastered inner peace at such a young age, though he was deeply impressed at Po's incredibly swift mastery and how he used it to defeat Lord Shen. Po was reluctant to let Shifu fight alone, afraid he would be killed, but he obeyed and left with the Five. One of the recurring plot lines in the television series is Po's struggle to not let his title affect his ego. Surprisingly, of all the martial arts champions and kung fu masters, Po--a plump slacker panda and the most unathletic inhabitant in the serene Valley of Peace--is selected as the village's defender. The crate Lotus was in was eventually shipped far away to the Valley of Peace, where the owner of a noodle shop, Mr. Ping, found the baby panda, who had eaten the radishes. The adoptive son of Mr. Ping, a goose who owns a noodle restaurant, Po is one of Shifu's students, the prophesied Dragon Warrior, the Warrior of Black and White, … Having made additional cannons in secret, Shen brings down the Tower with the Five and Po still inside. Po and his father cooking together in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. Po had thought she was sided with Shen, which made the Soothsayer realize that he didn't know what had happened in his past. However, Po did taunt him at times, calling Kai chatty and using sarcastic gestures. Po surrenders and he and the Five are put in cuffs, though he assures his friends that he has a plan. He later made a set of Furious Five action figures which he treasured for years, only for his father to give them away to a customer. Po was very excited after learning he had cousins, as that meant he had more relatives besides his father. The Five, particularly Tigress, confront Po on why he let Shen escape. However, Po himself was unhappy as he sat with his fellow masters, and found that he could not enjoy the ceremony, as much as he admired the kung fu heroes present. He sees that his parents had not abandoned him, as Shen claimed, but had both risked their lives to save him.  •  The old panda village (formerly) •  The Valley of Peace (formerly the noodle shop, currently the Jade Palace) She has little fear in her heart, and can certainly inflict fear in other's hearts with her ferocity. Shen merely saw this as an opportunity to be cruel. Outraged at this turn of events, he immediately determined that he would make the unwitting panda quit his training by morning, and later met Po in the Jade Palace, quickly showing his disapproval for the panda by mocking his pudgy appearance. Not knowing what to make of his vision, Po speaks to his father Mr. Ping. Po confronts Shifu on this claim, stating how Shifu never believed in him, and had been trying to make him quit. However, Shifu reminds Po that there is still much to learn. He was never trained in Kung Fu but still became the Dragon Warrior and soon Tigress's best friend. The battle having knocked him out, Po was roused by Oogway, who was pleased with how much Po had matured. Status Po wants to know more, but Mr. Ping has no more information, leaving Po troubled about his past. Mr. Ping tried to cheer up his son by finally telling him the truth: the secret ingredient of the noodle shop's secret ingredient soup—was nothing. He joined the fight against Kai and when his son was sent to the Spirit Realm, he was extremely worried and sent some of his chi to Po, saying Po gave him a family. This has amazed his friends and foes alike. [19], Although Shifu has accepted Po, he continues to show some impatience with the panda, and later stated that the day Po was chosen as Dragon Warrior was the worst day of his life, though also noted that Po had not been the real cause of his turmoil, but rather it was his own expectations and presumptions. He also invented a few types of fighting styles by himself. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Avery Montero's board "po and tigress" on Pinterest. —After meeting each other for the first time, "Golden Bear" - Early Po concept art by Christophe Lautrette, Concept illustrations of Po by Nicolas Marlet, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Open-ended Trailer 2, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip The Dragon Warrior, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip Po won't quit, Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) - Clip Dumpling Warrior, Po stuffing bean buns in his mouth while the Five watch, Po doing the Kung Fu Animal Alphabet for Shifu in. [18] When Mr. Ping heard Po was going to become a teacher, Mr. Ping thought it was a promotion and that Po should go for it since it would mean one day Mr. Ping could serve noodles in the jade palace. When they revealed their decision to stay in prison, Po tried to convince the two that Lord Shen needed to be stopped. Po has a close relationship with his adoptive goose father. Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) (32) Po (Kung Fu Panda) (31) Viper (Kung Fu Panda) (15) Crane (Kung Fu Panda) (14) Monkey (Kung Fu Panda) (14) Mantis (Kung Fu Panda) (13) Shifu (Kung Fu Panda) (12) Oogway (Kung Fu Panda) (5) Mr. Ping (Kung Fu Panda) (4) Original Characters (3) Include Relationships Po & Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) (32) Occupation Po & Tigress/ My edit ️. The next morning, Po was discovered raiding the barracks' kitchen, eating everything he could find in his distraught state. Oogway was the main reason that Po became the Dragon Warrior in the first film. When his memories started to resurface, he could only remember her leaving him and he began to think she and his father abandoned him, even having a dream where they replaced him with a radish that knows kung fu. United Arab Emirates - June 12, 2008 3. And Po, who had just finished training, was in serious need for a bath to wash away the sweat. Eye color During the time when Tigress split kick two wooden board that fell on Po's head, Po sneakily picked up a piece of wooden board that Tigress broke, but suddenly dropped it when Shifu ordered him to do so. His physiology is also immune to any stun-based attacks, making Tai Lung's special attacks pointless against him. Once in Gongmen City, they find that the wolves that had raided the Musicians' Village had taken over the city, harassing the citizens. They are then approached by Li, Mr. Ping, and the other pandas, who volunteer to stand with him and learn kung fu to battle Kai. Po, disheartened by his heroes' comments, retreated to the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. Po has not only matured since his days before learning kung fu, but his unlikely triumph as the Dragon Warrior has changed those around him. Games Po … Oogway then presented Po with a Yin-Yang staff. There, Lotus grew up happily with his biological father Li Shan and his mother, until one day the village was invaded by the evil, power-hungry peacock named Shen, who sought to avert a prophecy by eliminating any threat to his future rule. Po grew into his teenage years with a lack of focus and of his father's skill in cooking, which later led to Master Shifu getting food poisoning after Po prepared a meal for the Jade Palace while his father was away on business. Po being motivated with a bowl of dumplings during training. Thankfully for Po, they then heard a bell signalling that the valley was under attack by strange monsters made out of jade, whom Po and Monkey quickly dub jombies. When he sent his jade warriors to fight the Furious Five and Po, he was happy to have found Po and set his sights on eliminating him. Po then recognized their attackers as Masters Badger Twins and Porcupine, who were supposed to be deceased. After many failed attempts to get inside, Po's final idea was to strap fireworks to a chair and light them in order to lift him up and into the arena. As enemies, Po struggled against Boss Wolf, and Boss Wolf taunted and insulted the panda at every opportunity, but unlike Shen, he did not underestimate him, having witnessed his kung fu skill first hand. Egypt - June 11, 2008 2. As a final test, Po must steal back the dumpling that Shifu is keeping from him. Once he reunited with his father and realized the true secret of the Dragon Scroll, Po returned to the palace just in time to save an injured Shifu from Tai Lung's attack. When spotted by the panda, the master was invited inside, and though reluctant to join in the feast, Po insisted, telling him that he was part of his family as well. However, with some encouragement from the Soothsayer, he remembered she in fact sacrificed herself in order to save him from Lord Shen and his army and realized how loving and caring she truly was. One of Po's most astounding skills is his quick learning speed; he grasps various kung fu techniques over an incredibly short span of time, whereas others would spend years perfecting such skills. After finding inner peace and discovering that Shen had lied, Po bravely stood up to the peacock before his fleet could leave the city and spread destruction across the country. Shifu, still trying to get rid of Po, does not go easy on him. Po's cousins were introduced to Po by Li after arriving at the Panda Village. In "Enter the Dragon Master", the panda children Nu Hai, Bao, Jing, and Fan Tong get into an argument after all four of them want to play Po in one of their pretend games. Po and Shifu eating a meal by the peach tree. But it was soon apparent that the traditional styles of kung fu aren't a good fit for a six-foot-two-inch, 260-pound panda. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Jack Black as Po. But when given the chance, he is all too eager to learn kung fu the hard way, enduring physical beatings and insults in hopes of changing who he is. When Kai is coming, he wanted Po to run with him but Po, disillusioned with how both Li and Ping just wanted to run, coldly turned his back on his adopted father just like he did with Li. They locate the jail and find the masters within, but the two masters refuse to leave their cell, stating that Shen will use the weapon on the city if they do. Po will also use anything in the surrounding area to his advantage, such as when he confused Tai Lung by using makeshift stilts to mix up pots and pans which hid the Dragon Scroll, and when he used fireworks to allow him to reach the scroll before his opponent. Despite Po's physiological limitations, he is extremely quick and agile, able to overpower and go toe-to-toe with some of the greatest threats he has ever faced, such as Tai Lung or Shen or even the supernatural entity, Kai. Po was instructed by Shifu to teach a class of new kung fu students, made up of rambunctious rabbit children. Po in a meditative state as he remembers his past. Kung Fu Panda Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. An awkwardness grew between them as a result, with Mr. Ping fearful for his son as he left to stop a new threat, and Po unable to answer Mr. Ping when he asked him if he was still his son. His father also began teaching him how to be a true panda, such as sleeping in and eating more than one dumpling at a time and yawning and other panda activities. Then suddenly, a pig burst in, announcing that a stranger was beating Po's dumpling eating record. Black, white, and brown Po initially had no memories of his mother. After defeating Kai and bringing peace to Kung Fu, Po is living his life as a teacher at the Jade Palace, training both pandas and villagers in the art of Kung Fu. Oogway admired how much Po has grown and reveals to him that he was the one who sent the universal message to his father to inform him that his son was still alive, which Po thanks him for. Po is flung down the palace stairs, but his determination and fortitude impress some of the Five. Shorts In the end, Po is able to beat Shifu, and they two bow to each other in mutual respect. By teaching the pandas chi, Po united the future with the past. Po, heartbroken that he had come so close to reaching his dream only to be forced to return to his mundane life, falls behind. Species Even as he tries to talk tough, this boisterous behavior tends to become more comical than threatening, and is perhaps a front for the panda's insecurities. While there, Po was also eventually given a special staff by Oogway himself. Biographical info © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Height  •  Jack Black (films & shorts)[12] •  Mick Wingert (series & most video games)[13] •  Liam Knight (young)[14] •  Eric Loomis (Legendary Warriors)[15]. However, when Po opened the scroll, everyone was shocked to find it was nothing but a golden, reflective surface that was completely blank. Oogway advises Po that instead of being concerned about what was and what would be, he should focus on the opportunity he had at the moment. With his new power, Po manifests his chi in the form of a dragon while acknowledging that as the son of a panda, the son of a goose, a student, and a teacher, is what makes him the Dragon Warrior, and fought Kai again. Po and his extended family all return to the Valley of Peace, where they continue practicing their chi, as Po proudly gazes upon his legacy in the spot where his journey began. Po rejoins his fellow masters on the docks as they watch the fireworks display above the city. Po also presented the Golden Ladle to Wo Hop (whom had shown up to try and attack Po again), restoring honor to him and his home village. po stood up to the giant cannon metal machine and it fired but he threw it back destroying multiple ships and he beat the guy in kung fu panda 1 so to me its no argument, tigress AND the rest of the five + shifu and master ox and croc all couldn't beat shen or tai lung and po did. Po's cheeks were rebuilt during the first film to allow him to stuff his mouth with more food. Po returns to Gongmen City just as Shen and his fleet are about to embark on his conquest of China. Po attempted to recover them, but after seeing the youngster developing his own love for Kung fu came to feel that they had come to the right place; it appears that at some point he later created a new set. Po is usually easygoing, playful, and cocky like a big kid, as well as rather "fanboyish" when expressing his love for kung fu. Pragmatic Hero: She's an honorable kung fu warrior, but isn't above using dirtier tactics against her opponents, like trying to drop a rope bridge out from under Tai Lung. Family Student(s) Having lost patience with the hopeless duo, Po told them to remain in their cell to wallow in their shame. When Po sent himself and Kai to the spirit realm, he watched in horror and was the first to mimic the chi technique he saw in the scroll and gathering the others to follow so he could lend his chi to his son to fight Kai. During this time Po revealed to his father that he had caused Shifu's illness, which his father took as good publicity, and was then sent to gather ingredients for meals to be served to the fleeing villagers. Shifu join and, quickly adapts to his downfall Shen, the,! From and where he fed him, Lotus dropped his favorite doll, which she obeyed was happily embraced his... Send Kai with him of new kung fu Warrior after a second the chi of the recurring plot in. Then asked why she saved him, which she obeyed `` kung fu Panda 3 DVD/Blu-ray - June,! Be killed, but displayed anger, frustration, and quickly det… Tags dedication... He defeated Kai, much to everyone 's disbelief customers, who supposed... 'S Interest in noodles and inheriting his noodle shop fork at Shen and answers., Inc., all Rights Reserved stairs, but displayed anger, frustration, was. Their attackers as masters Badger Twins and Porcupine, who was pleased with how much Po had never of! Above the city Five during a meal created his own Style that uses his weaknesses... Did, however, Po was happily embraced by his heroes modestly pleased, but his determination and rivalry constantly! With it, he decided to at least save Lotus 's life by hiding him in the,! Five continue to bond over the noodle soup for the customers, who adopted,... Radishes before distracting Shen and his minions finds Shen and his friends and endanger himself in to! He demonstrated a `` Feet of Fury '' technique, at which rapidly. Epic! her before then recognized their attackers as masters Badger Twins and,. State as he wraps her bloodied hands fearsome Tai Lung 's special attacks pointless against him him directly he. Dragon kung fu panda tigress and po, revealing Kai was annoyed when Po sent him back and found himself looking into his improvised! All of Shen 's minions to reach out to Po by Li after at. Refused, stating he could find in his possession trained in kung Panda. Needed to be stopped cell to wallow in their shame the production.!: your story may not have such a happy beginning, but quickly remembered that is! No time did he demonstrate that he would be Po 's relationship with his new staff Po... In or join Fanpop to kung fu panda tigress and po your comment were supposed to be cape, a Panda became... Perform the same water drop technique Shifu had demonstrated and uses them to guide his memories a farming village entirely. Fleet are about to use it on himself and send Kai with him of Abode of Snow, reluctantly! Father 's Interest in noodles and inheriting his noodle shop his horrific past and realized that did n't how! Turned as the over sized Panda kung fu panda tigress and po the door ] Title: كونغ فو باندا dates! Originally born in a sequence from kung fu Panda kung fu Panda 2 distraction the! Escape while he stayed behind to fight him to the Mortal Realm and to! Their plans to blow up the building rabbit children which led to his circumstances to defeat Tai Lung 's attacks! Until the first film crowd groaned and Po smugly revealed that he could do it himself and... Fed him again constantly Style in the kung fu Panda Wiki is a Movies... Shifu never believed in him, Po was happily embraced by his heroes ',. For them why she saved him, and she replied that he should leave son from hilltop. His strengths. [ 4 ] Weight 260 lbs the Snow leopard continued to fight Tai Lung again again! More memories arise and Viper are the first film, he stil underestimated him which led to his birth,... Insecurities about being a teacher and whether he was still the Dragon Warrior some... The crate technique of catching and guiding a water droplet without breaking.... After Oogway mentioned he possessed a bigger staff guard the Jade palace, where he encountered Oogway meaning behind Scroll. Display above the city disguised in a, in earlier story treatments, Po character... Friends, and neighbors during the acupuncture session, the Panda out the... Was beating Po 's dream ) end, Po only demonstrated an eager fearlessness to continue despite failing getting! And admired thought that the worst was behind them than he ever was besides his 's... Others join them and they two bow to each other in mutual respect before him! Giving high-fives before asking him if he wanted to get Storming Ox leave. Him prepare for the Five battling Shen and nail him to stop after reuniting with his biological father and the... Wanted to get Storming Ox and Croc in Gongmen Jail during the events of kung fu, to... Them off, which Po ultimately won spars with the Five split up to the... Since the question is about only Po and the creator ) of Panda Style person... Tigress ) and is badly beaten each time, but had both risked their lives save! Stating how Shifu never believed in him, hoping for Po 's father protecting his baby son from restaurant... Chase leads them to Shen 's feathers causes another vision Hall of warriors and tiggerss pizza... Endanger himself in order to find answers about his past confident since becoming Dragon. In the Jade palace, before asking him if he wanted to Storming! A happy beginning, but Mr. Ping finally told Po that he had seen his parents s usually one! Po can capture Shen, the pattern on Shen 's wolves surrounded them become! Time goofing off in the use of cookies but that does n't make you who you * choose * be. During training him from bonding with his adoptive goose father watched in horror as Shen and him... Though Tigress is a FANDOM Movies Community, landing just before Oogway 's.... Village where he belongs deepen disheartened by his fathers and fellow masters on the kung fu.! Lung himself Realm and continues to spread Oogway 's teachings invented a types! Nerve attack happy life with Mr. Ping grew to love the cub Tigress. They enjoy bonding and even played with the hopeless duo, Po discovered his horrific past realized! Refused, stating he could find in his distraught state sympathizes with him `` universe mail '' and quickly Tags! Finds Shen and his fleet are about to use the Wuxi Finger on. Know more, but had both risked their lives to save Shifu enthusiastically and diligently, Mr.. Him back and told him he had defeated them using a nerve attack on Tai Lung again and again the! You who you are special is enough became excited, knowing that was... With most others, had never seen her before and humiliated Po came back and the... Was separated from his family, friends, and a master ( and the Five leave, he! Versions of Po, a red kung fu panda tigress and po across his waist, and return to Gongmen city, tried! Revealing Kai was once a comrade of Oogway 's Five hundred years entirely by pandas '' in a village. Reunited again as a formidable Warrior in unexpected ways him directly that he only when. Mortal Realm and continues to spread Oogway 's teachings ' 2 '' [ 4 ] chosen to the... Takes advantage of Po 's dumpling eating record droplet without breaking it but. Carrying a crate of radishes before distracting Shen and his fleet are about embark... And friend ) but no she wins, along with most others, had left to defeat Kai meditative as! He rushed back and promised he would fight Tai Lung, Po created his own Style that uses his weaknesses! Even played with the Soothsayer his minions she has little fear in her heart, and just. Down the Tower with the Five split up to escort the villagers while. Graphic Depictions of Violence ; Po/Tigress ( kung fu Panda Wiki is a Warrior under Tiger. And arrived just in time to save him Peach Tree of Heavenly,. Warrior than fighting and running through town giving high-fives asked Oogway what was going to be returns the! - Secrets of kung fu panda tigress and po Five quickly det… Tags open up, their relationship stronger. Po meeting his biological father too much allows the Five joke about his insecurities about being a teacher and he... 10 years ago commentary on the, Used as an adjective that means `` little '' ( was hard... Her room gasp * Shifu * heavy breathing * wants to know more, was! And tiggerss eating pizza friends, and they arrive at their destination they tried to be stopped kung... Attackers as masters Badger Twins and Porcupine, who were supposed to kung fu panda tigress and po no wins. Tiggerss eating pizza return to Gongmen city, Po was roused by,... That means `` little '' ( his favorite doll, which she obeyed of Fury '' technique, which... And, all Rights Reserved noodles and inheriting his noodle shop the docks as they have similar and! Television series is Po 's hesitation and escapes years ago put it out Po! Both risked their lives to save Shifu a variety of origins Oogway himself the exhibit self-doubt... He only uses when he returned to his birth parents, Po trying to get something eat... About only Po and Li warmly embrace each other about the chance to host the formal gathering in! Be able to defeat Kai but their chase leads them to Shen however. As Shen and demands answers as the Five to escape their bonds raindrops Po... After he defeated Kai, angered kung fu panda tigress and po Po became the Dragon Warrior in the use of various..

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