All Out Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot of the Upcoming Show!

Many otakus are wondering when they’ll be able to see All Out Season 2. It’s been more than years since the first season was released. Fans are curious to watch the next installment. The anime received a mixed response, but still, loyal viewers are looking forward to seeing what will happen in Season 2.

About All out Season 2

The show is based on a manga of the same name by Shiori Amaze. The manga began to publish in November 2012 and ended in November 2019. It used to publish in Kodansha magazine. On October 7, 2016, TMS Entertainment premiered the first episode of the anime developed by Madhouse. The last episode of the series was telecast on  August 31, 2017. Let’s see when we can have All Out Season 2!

All out Season 2 Release Date

The production house, Madhouse has neither confirmed nor canceled the second season of the anime series. Otakus are keenly waiting to hear from the production house regarding the fate of the anime. The manga series concluded in 2019. However, the story of the anime still has a lot to show. Many chapters from the manga are still to be adapted into an anime. So, the problem is not the source material. Will All Out Season 2 coming soon?

All Out Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot of the Upcoming Show!

The production house is held back because the first season received mixed reviews. The first season was pretty average. Thus, the chances of the series making a comeback are very lean. However, nothing is impossible in the entertainment industry. The series is available on Netflix.

The Plot

All out season 2 plot is not known yet. We have provided you the plot of the first season.

The protagonist of the anime Kenji Gion is a short aggressive high school recruit at Kanagawa School. Just after the opening ceremony, he engages with Sumiaki Iwashimiz, a tall but nervous guy. After that, both of them get an offer to watch the rugby club. When Gion attends the match he realizes that people of all sizes and forms can play the game.

All Out Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot of the Upcoming Show!

Although the tall and big guys definitely have an edge over them. He is happy to know that despite being short he can shine in a sport. He signs up with Iwashimizu even after he refuses. They strive to become Hanazono winners, the national high school rugby championship. They practice very hard. We hope that All Out Season 2 comes with all the unanswered facts!

The Cast

Some of the Characters who would return in All Out Season 2 are:
  • Brad Smeaton – Mutsumi Hachioji.
  • Christopher Wehkamp – Takuya Sekizan.
  • Justin Briner – Sumiaki Iwashimizu.
  • Stephen Sanders – Kenji Gion.

The Trailer

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