‘Amber Heard’ Caught ROMANCING!!! with ‘Bianca Butti’ amid ‘Johnny Depp’ ABUSE Controversy

Actress Amber Heard said she physically assaulted by Johnny Depp during their engagement of 18 months.

Yet, with the hashtag now circulating. Reports in an audiotape provided to DailyMail seem to raise questions about who the victim was.

Aquaman actress Heard, 33, heard talking to actor Depp, then her husband, about their strained relationship in a 2015 taped two-hour therapy session, admitting she had hit him and had previously thrown pots and pans.

What Did Heard Said?

I don’t know what my actual hand was moving, but you’re okay.

Depp, 56, acknowledged have pushed her. He suggested in the tape that the two have taken time out to prevent their relationship from becoming more physically tumultuous.

I can’t promise you everything will be perfect. I can’t promise you I’m not going to become violent again. God, sometimes I get f***ing so mad I lose it.

I love you, and I wish you were my wife. I will do everything I can if I haven’t been, to find out how to be a good husband, replied Depp.

When Did They Get Married?

The couple married in February 2015 but split up less than two years later after Heard slapped a restraining order on Depp following claims he’d thrown a cellphone in her face at their house in Los Angeles.

In August 2016, they committed to a 7 million dollar divorce settlement.

But the ill feelings came up again after she wrote in an interview in 2018: “I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and for women who speak out, I felt the full brunt of the outrage of our culture.”

Depp, who not mentioned in the article. Insulted by claiming that the article dented his reputation and caused him to lose his precious part as Captain Jack Sparrow in a sequel from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

He’s filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation, and it’s set to hear this year.

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