‘Amber Heard’ FIRED from “Aquaman 2” after Physically ABUSING ‘Johnny Depp’

Aquaman was one of DC’s most successful films in 2018. In recent years, DC is trying it’s best to get a foothold in the film industry, with Marvels taking it over by storm. DC is not very popular in comparison to Marvel in the sphere of live-action movies, but a few DC hits like “Wonder Women and Aquaman” have evened the scale a little bit. 

Aquaman was a bit hit on-screen and has increased the hopes and expectations of DC fans worldwide. Jason Momoa’s performance as Aquaman was totally badass, and no one could be more fit for the role than Kal Drogo himself. 

After the huge success of Aquaman, DC is planning to release a sequel in 2022. Moreover, Rotten Tomatoes rates the film and says, ” The film delivers energetic action with an emphasis on good old-fashioned fun.” The current cast of the film is ” Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.” 

Amber Heard FIRED from Aquaman 2 after Physically ABUSING Johnny Depp

Although….., there might be complications with Amber Heard. After Amber Heard filed a case of domestic violence against Pirates of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp, things have got a bit rusty for her. Heard alleged that Depp was violent and abusive towards her, but after a leaked recording was released, things completely changed. 

Johnny Depp alleged that the bruises with which Heard showed up in the courtroom on 27 May 2016 were “painted on.” Additionally, there is other evidence that supports Depp’s statements and points towards Heard being the perpetrator of violence. If Amber Heard is found guilty of falsely accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence, then she will be sent to prison for three years and also be fired from the Aquaman 2 film. 

Amber Heard FIRED from Aquaman 2 after Physically ABUSING Johnny Depp

A petition was started by Jeanne Larson, who wants Amber Heard to be fired from the set. Moreover, the petition has over 420,000 signs, and things are getting pretty tense for Heard. 

As of now, the court hasn’t taken a decision on the allegedly false reports of domestic violence that Heard had filed against Johnny Depp. Currently, everyone awaits the official statement of the court. 

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