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Download the Latest Hack v2020.11.17 of Among Us Mod Menu Apk at the end of the post. Among Us has been receiving widespread popularity in 2020. Even though the game was released back in 2018, it gained mainstream attention this year. InnorSloth developed the game and published it across the game for mobile devices and PC. The video game developer recently announced that the game has recorded over 60 million daily active users. the game came into popularity after several gamers started streaming themselves playing the game on Twitch and YouTube. Now, some fans have modified the game’s content and added several new additional features in our MOD APK.

Among Us MOD APK Details

Apk name Among Us MOD Menu Apk
Apk Version
Apk Size 71 MB
Lastly, Updated on  Dec 2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
Ads No

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Among Us MOD Menu APK Gameplay

The game is basically a social deduction game where the players have to identify the imposters. Among Us has an appealing space-themed setting, in which players board the spaceship and act as either imposters or crewmates. The game is played between 4 to 10 players, where there will be a maximum of three imposters. However, one player doesn’t have an idea whether the other is either an imposter or a crewmate. The crewmates have to complete the given task and identify the imposters. Meanwhile, the imposter will sabotage the ship, blend in with the crewmates, and then kill them off.

Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 [ Wallhack, Visible Ghosts ] Free Download
Among Us Mod Menu APK v2020.11.17 [ Wallhack, Visible Ghosts ] Free Download

The crewmates will win the match if they successfully completed all the given tasks without getting killed. They can also identify the imposters and vote them out by holding an emergency meeting. On the other hand, the imposters will win if they kill all the crewmates. Also, if the number of crewmates and the imposters are equal then the imposter will win. If critical sabotage goes unsolved, then also imposter will become victorious.

A total of three maps or regions have been provided to the players for competing with each other

1. The Skeld

2. Mira HQ

3. Polus

Among Us MOD Menu APK Features

Always Imposter

This is the most used feature among other Mod AOK features. A player can choose to become an imposter every time they play. Players most definitely enjoy being an imposter, so this feature will help you become the imposter and win the match.

No Kill Cool Down

After every kill, there is a certain second window where the imposter cannot kill another crewmate. This Among Us feature becomes annoying when some crewmates witness you killing another cremate. With No Kill Cooldown, you can easily finish off the other player who saw you killing before he/she holds the emergency meeting and vote you out.

Unlock all Pets, Skins, and Hats

Apart from the common colored spacesuit, a player can choose a wide range of appearances during the game. However, you have to spend some bucks to unlock your favorite skins, pets, or hats. But with the MOD Apk, you can unlock them all without wasting any money.

Among Us Mod APK v2020.11.17 [ Wallhack, Visible Ghosts ] Free Download


Instant Kill

Even if you have a no-kill cool-down feature, some crewmates can still escape away from you, identify you and then vote you out. In such a case, instant kill works the best. The crewmates wouldn’t know who killed them or another player, even if they were standing next to them.

Light Hack

Light Hack is also another popular hack feature in the MOD Apk. With the light hack, you can see every part of the map easily as if you were a ghost. Most of the imposters turn off the light to kill crewmates. If you use light hack while playing as a crewmate, you can easily identify the imposter.

Among us Important Information

Ever since this game was released in the US, Canada, and around the world, it has been the biggest hit of 2020. This was helped by the fact that most of the people are now sitting at home. Although among us wasn’t as popular as it is now when it was released, many people have been looking for Among us Mod menu apk to unlock all the features.

If you are also looking for among us mod apk then you are in the right place. Our mod apk unlocks all hidden features and paid content such as but not limited to wallhack, always imposter, emergency button hack. But not only this our mod menu apk also unlocks paid content such as hats, skins, and pets. So wait are you waiting for, download our among us mod apk and get all the features now. This hack is not geo-locked and works in all countries such as United States, Canada, and all the other countries


Among Us is an ideal game to invest quality energy with your mates and family members. Particularly when you are exhausted! This game has picked up a gigantic measure of fame on a worldwide level and it has gotten very unmistakable in India also. Its fundamental storyline with remarkable character plans and configuration totally isolates it from other space experience games. Play and appreciate it now!


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F.A.Q about Among Us MOD Menu APK

Q. Is Among Us MOD APK free?

Ans. Yes, it is free of cost.

Q. Is Among us MOD Menu safe?

Ans. Yes, it doesn’t have any type of malware threat in it. It is safe to use on your device.

Q. Will, I get banned after using this version?

Ans. Nope

Q. How to change a player’s name in Among us?

Ans. Open the game. Go to the Host Option. There will be a Name Box option there. Click on it and give whatever name you want to give to your character.

Q. Does this App has voice chat?

Ans. No, it doesn’t support voice chat. But it does contain text chatting.

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Among Us MOD Menu APK Download Link

Click here to download Among Us Mod Menu for free.


Mod Features

  • Free Fire Mod Apparition Mode
  • Free Fire Mod Divider Hack Stone
  • Free Fire Mod No Recoil 
  • Free Fire Mod Auto Aim
  • Free Fire Mod Point Lock
  • Free Fire Mod No Shake Scope
  • Free Fire Mod No Tree, No Grass, No Fog
  • Vehicle Hack
  • Night Mode
  • Speed Hack
  • Adversary Location

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