Truth: “Angelina Jolie” Again in Love with ‘Billy Bob Thornton’??? Is ‘Brad Pitt’ get Effected with this???

Recent rumors of Angelina Jolie dating ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton have become quite popular amongst fans. The 44-year-old action film star, previously dated Billy Bob Thornton in 1999 during the initial phase of Jolie’s career. Later on, Jolie and Thornton became one of Hollywood’s most adored couples. 

Unfortunately, Jolie and Thornton ended their seemingly perfect relationship in 2002 with a divorce. Apparently, Thornton felt like their relationship was attracting a lot of media attention since he was 20-years elder to Jolie. Thornton felt like media attention was getting too stressful for them, and the nature of their work was also a problem in their relationship. 

After ending things with Thornton, Angelina started dating Brad Pitt, sometime around 2003. Angelina and Brad had six kids together, out of which three kids were internationally adopted. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dated for a long time but eventually split up due to unknown circumstances. 

Truth: "Angelina Jolie" Again in Love with 'Billy Bob Thornton'??? Is 'Brad Pitt' get Effected with this???

As of now, Angelina Jolie is “officially” single. Jolie got kinda jealous after coming across rumors of Brad Pitt getting back with Jenifer Aniston and reportedly forbade Jennifer Aniston from seeing her and Brad Pitt’s six children. Furthermore, she told Brad Pitt to be more honest about his relationships with her. 

Now, the question at hand remains, “Is Angelina Jolie dating Billy Bob Thornton? ” As much as many fans would like to hear a “yes,” nothing is confirmed by either of the celebrities. Sometimes rumors are just rumors. Angelina Jolie said in a few interviews that her main priority is to look after her kids and concentrate on raising them. 

In a few interviews, Billy Bob Thornton also said that he was good friends with Angelina Jolie, but they split up in the past because they wanted different things in life. In conclusion, nothing is confirmed, and the rumors people are reading about on the internet can possibly be just rumors and nothing more. 

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