Are “Justin Timberlake” And Wife “Jessica Biel” Still Together After The Cheating Scandal?

Justin Timberlake has been the talk of the social media a lot for these last two months, since he was seen getting cozy with his co-star Alisha Wainwright during a cast outing in a bar in New Orleans in November, which resulted in igniting an enormous firestorm of cheating rumors, weakening the trust of his family members and being criticized and judged by his fans who had always supported him, it’s not a pretty position to be in.

The Can’t Stop The Feeling singer, had come to clarify all the rumors about him and his co-star from the movie Palmer through an Instagram post where he apologizes to his ‘amazing’ wife for embarrassing her, setting a bad example for his son and hurting the sentiments of his family and how Timberlake always strives to be the best husband and father for his family members.

Are Justin Timberlake And Wife Jessica Biel Still Together After The Cheating Scandal?

Justin Timberlake also dispels the scandal worthy words on the street by explaining that he had drunk way beyond his limit and deeply regrets his actions and highlights the fact that nothing happened between him and Wainwright.

Although he and Alisha had publicly apologized for their misleading actions which colored them in the negative shade, the public had expected his wife Jessica Biel to not forgive the Mirrors performer right way nonetheless it turns out that his wife trusts about the incident and plans on staying with him.

It was reported that Timberlake was so bent on proving his innocence that he had told his wife that she could come to the shooting in New Orleans and look for herself as what is happening between him and Alisha.

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