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Mr. Robot Season 5 RENEWED or CANCELLED: Here’s the Answer, Release Date & More

USA’s hacker drama show, Mr. Robot, brought a wave of chills down the spine of its viewers. The last season left its viewers awe-struck, and its success was wild. After season 4, the question hovers in the mind of viewers, ‘Will there be Mr. Robot Season 5?

Mr. Robot Season 5 Renewal Updates

Mr. Robot is a techno-thriller, twist driven series, directed by Sam Esmail. A hacker and a cybersecurity engineer, Elliot Alderson, is recruited by an anarchist named Mr. Robot. Elliot is paranoiac and suffers from depression, and has delusions. Mr. Robot wanted him to work for society, that had a plot to take down the conglomerate, E-corp, where Elliot worked.

The first season premiered on June 24, 2015. The following two seasons broadcasted on July 13, 2016, and October 11, 2017. But the last season i.e., season 4, went for sentiments in its last episodes.

Mr. Robot Season 5 RENEWED or CANCELLED: Here's the Answer, Release Date & More

Mr. Robot Season 4: The ultimate

People loved the series from the beginning, but it is season 4 that created the maximum buzz. The final season of Mr. Robot was the show’s longest, comprising of 13 episodes. The characters literally broke the chains of oppression to save the world and, in the meanwhile, also found time to return the wealth back to the people.

Elliot did something too great by rewriting the world through a little computer.

The series did not end with buildings being crumbled or being burned down to ashes or masses being killed, but it ended with an overwhelming scene.

Now the question is whether Mr. Robot Season 5 will be returning or not?

Will there be a successor to Mr. Robot?

Without a doubt, people love Mr. Robot. And it is Rami Malek who made a place in people’s hearts through his character of Elliot Alderson. The essential feature that paved its path to people’s heart was that the series was ingeniously structured. But the sad news is that there won’t be season 5.

Mr. Robot Season 5 RENEWED or CANCELLED: Here's the Answer, Release Date & More

Everything has an end, and so does this wonderful series. The director of the series, Sam Esmail, himself, revealed the reason for not renewing Mr. Robot Season 5.

According to him, from the very beginning of the series, he had been at work to find a perfect conclusion, and he finally figured out that season 4 was the ultimate end of the series.

Not only the people of the USA, but the team also didn’t want the series to come to an end. People have appreciated Elliot’s journey and have drawn deep messages from his life. And undoubtedly, season 4 is the end, as it draws a connection between characters and winds up the story providing answers to all questions.

Mr. Robot Season 5 Cancelled?

You can watch Mr. Robot Season 1 to 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

But until we have a definitive release date for Mr. Robot Season 5, you can check out more news about Snowfall Season 4.

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Jaden Smith DUMPED!!! by Boyfriend Tyler the Creator & He is DEPRESSED!!! About it

When Tyler, the Creator won the 2020 Grammy award for the Best Rap Album, Jaden Smith took everyone by surprise, through his tweet, “My boyfriend just won a Grammy.”

The duo’s relationship news might be shocking for people who haven’t been updated with their friendship. Although for fans, it isn’t surprising owing to the close bonding between the two.

Is Jaden Smith really dating Tyler?

There is no clarity about their relationship, from the day Jaden has broken silence on the relation. There have been several instances when they have claimed to have something for one another. Yet, everything remains blurry.

Jaden Smith and Tyler have been together since 2013. In 2015, Jaden confirmed his feelings for Tyler through a tweet on Tyler’s birthday. “I Think I’m In Love With You, I Don’t Know I’m Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday.”

The duo was romantic in a performance at Tyler’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in November 2018. 

“I just wanna say Tyler, The Creator is the best friend in the world,” he said in front of the crowd.

Initially, their twitter revelations appeared like two buddies mocking each other. But after Jaden’s comments during an interview with Beats 1 Radio. He boldly accepted that Tyler, the Creator, is his boyfriend. He said that his words were very true, but fans are still not ready to accept this relation.

Their followers are confused due to their behavior, and often a thought arises that all this is a move to mess with people.

Tyler, the Creator has previously hinted that he’s queer.

In his 2017 album, “Flower boy”, there were several lyrics that hinted on his sexuality, one of them includes “I Ain’t Got Time!” that had lyrics: “I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.”

Smith has also been open when it comes to discussions on sexuality. 

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Vinland Saga Season 2: When will Thornfinn be back with Next Season? Release Date & Other Questions Answered

“On the battlefield field, the weak die first, like you.”

Yes. You guessed it right—the iconic scene where Askeladd killed an English soldier to save Thorfinn. 

Vinland Saga is one of the best anime series released in the recent past. Almost all anime fans have watched this violent series filled with savage action. The last episode of season 1 was a cliffhanger, leaving fans waiting for the new season to tie the loose ends. 

An all-time anime hit

Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical-drama anime manga series. The protagonist of the series Thorfinn grew up listening to tales of old sailors traveling through the ocean to reach a place of legend called Vinland.

The place is contrary to the climate of Iceland, where Thorfinn lived. It has warm, fertile lands where no one fought. He is a soldier of fortune. War is his world. 

With each passing year, the war between English and Danes is getting brutal. Viking mercenaries are enjoying every moment of it.

Vikings only wish to be the trump card, hence giving power to one side and gaining fame in the demolition of the other. Thorfinn’s aim among the chaos is to avenge the death of his father.

The first season had exquisite action, with precise moves that left viewers at awe. The intriguing story kept the viewers stuck till the last episode, and now the only question that remains is whether a season 2 will come or not. 

When will the wait be over for Vinland Saga Season 2?

Although there has been news that there will be a season 2, there has been no official declaration about the same.

The production is, however, delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We can expect that season 2 won’t premiere before 2021. 

Is an official trailer released for season 2?

No official trailer has been published for season 2. But there are many trailers made by the fans, available on youTube. 

Season 2, story expectations

There hasn’t been a word from the makers of the series on the upcoming season. Yet, we can expect season 2 to pick up from where season 1 ended. War will be at its prime, with Thorfinn emerging victorious.

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‘Daniel Joseph Silva’ Planned YouTuber ‘Corey La Barrie’ Murder!!! Is it True or not???

It has been more than a week since the YouTube world lost one of its rising stars, Corey La Barrie. On the occasion of his 25th birthday, i.e., on Sunday (10 May), Corey la Barrie died in a car crash with a drunken driver. The fatal incident took place on Huston Street in Los Angeles. 

What Actually Happened on 10 May?

A high speed 2020 McLaren 600LT was traveling eastwards on Huston Street when the driver suddenly lost control over the car.

The uncontrollable car ran off the street and crashed with a stop sign and then a tree.

In an attempt to run away from the crime scene, the driver exited the car. His attempt was unsuccessful as he was stopped by the citizens who came for rescue. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. 

Silva and Corey la Barrie were rushed to a local hospital after the Los Angeles fire department arrived at the scene. Corey had sustained multiple blunt forces due to which he succumbed to death.

While Silva, a popular tattooist, who gained recognition from Ink Master, suffered minor injuries from the crash. 

Was it a Planned Murder or an Accident?

In a news release, the Los Angeles police refused to reveal the identity of the car driver. But the news stated the arrest of Daniel Joseph Silva, 27, for murder by a deadly collision. 

Corey La Barrie, YouTube’s rising star

Daniel Joseph Silva Planned YouTuber Corey La Barrie Murder!!! Is it True or not???

In just a span of two years, Corey managed to gain nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followings on Instagram. His videos quickly gained popularity and gathered millions of views. JC Caylen, Crawford Collins, and Chelsey Amaro often made videos with him. Most of the videos are gaining huge popularity. 

Corey ran a separate channel on YouTube with his pal Collins that had nearly 100 thousand subscribers.

Corey’s entire family is struck with grief. Although none of them has given any statements in the press, his mother and brother cried their heart out on social media.

Daniel Joseph Silva Planned YouTuber Corey La Barrie Murder!!! Is it True or not???

Corey’s fans also wrote their condolences under his last video, which was posted on 9 May, a day before his death.

It rather came down as a shock for Corey’s pals, as evident from their tweets. 

Corey’s last tweet, in which he thanked his fans for birthday wishes, expressed how happy he was on the day. We all pray to Almighty that his soul rests in peace.

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Another Life Season 2: Katee Sackhoff & JayR Tinaco are Returning in the Sequel with more Bang

Katee Sackhoff starred Netflix’s science fiction series follows her character Niko. Niko Breckenridge, an astronaut, leads a mission to search answers to questions after a mysterious structure manifested on Earth started emitting indistinguishable signals to a distant planet.

The gist of season 1

An alien based artifact plants itself in the Earth, its intentions unclear. The team of scientists that includes Niko’s husband Erik is unable to determine what the artifact is. Niko is appointed as the commander of a ship, named Salvare.

She is torn between choosing her family or the mission. She chooses the mission as she knows that the mission would be a failure without her. They head towards the planet Pi Canis Majors, which had been receiving the signals from the artifact.

During their soma sleep on the ship, half of the crew is awakened by William, (a hologram on the ship, programmed to feel human emotions, including a panic attack when the situations get intense). The other half is still in soma sleep to compensate for the loss.

William informs Niko that they have encountered a complication on their route to the planet. The crew battles the adverse situation; many of the crew members of Salvare are killed.

While on Earth, Niko’s husband, Erik, is doing his best to parent his daughter, Jana, while simultaneously studying the artifact. Both Niko and Erik have done an admirable job of carrying out their story-lines.

Will there be Another Life Season 2?

With the show’s first season receiving a dismal score of 6% on Rotten Tomatoes clearly reflects that the audience is not pleased with the story-line. However, all this isn’t stopping Netflix from resuming the journey of Another life through space.

Netflix has renewed the series for season 2. The production was to begin in March 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the date, therefore prolonging its release date.

What to expect from season 2?

Although season 1 has problems due to its convoluted and disorderly plot, yet the series is intriguing, each episode’s ending urges you to watch another.

There is still much more potential in the story and characters that have been untouched. It is only at the end of the season that the story starts to gain depth. Certainly, we can expect season 2 to be much better than season 1.

The crew of Salvare discovers the heinous intentions of the alien race, Achaia, whose only aim is to destroy the human race and make them their slaves.

Another Life season 2 may see Erik under the same mind control as Harper Glass. A conflict could arise where Erik is the antagonist, and Niko will be forced to fight her own husband.

Niko is a threat to Achaia, so it makes sense that they could use her husband to try and stop her. Before that can happen, however, the Salvare must first make it back safely to Earth. And if the return journey is anything like the outward journey, that won’t be easy.