‘Bella Thorne’ Is Making Love with ‘Ava Caceres’ in Music Video and says ‘I Love Blondes’..

New Partner For Making Out:

Bella Thorne’s got a new partner for making out. In her debut music video for ‘ Be Someone,’ she fiercely hugs singer Ava Caceres and has declared, ‘ I love blondes. ‘

Okay, that is one way for a new music video to gain huge attention. Rising pop star Ava Caceres has hired actress Bella Thorne, 22, to co-star the song “Be Someone” in her video, and the two ladies end up falling for each other.

They Play Theater Actresses:

They play theater actresses in the video. Who seen growing attracted while talking about the scenes. They can’t hold back their passion before long, making out backstage with each other in the video that dropped on Jan. 10.

Yet, in the end, things don’t work out. Bella shakes her head after some intense smooching, and she really can’t get involved with Ava. She shifts through her hands as if she is demonstrating why they can never be romance.

'Bella Thorne' Is Making Love with 'Ava Caceres' in Music Video and says 'I Love Blondes'..

When Ava has a tearful look in her eye, she walks away. This fits the line, “But if anybody had to hurt me, I’m sure it was you. One day I’m going to be someone. ‘ Bella is later seen weeping in her dressing room about her decision to break it off with Ava.

Ava Said To Billboard:

“I hope’ Be Someone’s’ is a window into the psyche for anyone in need of emotional recognition and freedom,” of the message from the album. My greatest hope is that anyone, particularly those with heartbreak. Will be able to stick to this message of contemplation and march forward, believing that you can succeed irrespective of your background.

She Captioned A Video Still From The Instagram Post:

Through uploading a scene from the episode on her Instagram. Bella shared how proud she was of Ava. Referring to the beautiful blonde rapper, she captioned it. Ava is happy that the video has finally been released. Gotta is taking a minute to breathe now (loosen your shoulders).

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