[Big Confirmation] “Charlie Hunnam” Eventually Agrees To Marry 14-Year-Old Girlfriend “Morgana”

Charlie Hunnam and Morgana Getting Married:

Charlie Hunnam has admitted that he has finally agreed to marry his long-term partner Morgana McNelis.

The Gentleman Star claims that walking down the aisle was never something that was important to him. But that he was going to do it because it was important to her.

The star, 39, has been dating American jewelry designer Morgana for about 14 years.

About Radio Show Interview:

When asked if he felt about knotting, he said to the American radio show SiriusXM, “Umm, kind of neutral. She doesn’t feel the same way. She’s very happy to get married. I’ll do it because it’s vital to her, but I don’t have any kind of great romantic feelings.”

He said I have an extremely supportive partner. Who wants more and more as we grow older, that I can figure out a way to handle these things a little better.[Big Confirmation] "Charlie Hunnam" Eventually Agrees To Marry 14-Year-Old Girlfriend "Morgana"

I’ve got by pretty easily so far. The freedom to just vanish, be totally selfish and pure in my concentration. Then I’m going to have to figure out a way to balance that a little more effectively.

Geordie star Charlie, who rise to fame on the TV show Queer As Folk, also addressed the terrifying time he stung by a wasp on the testicles.

Last Year’s Camping Trip:

During last year’s camping trip, Charlie forced to run nude through the woods after accidentally kicking a wasps ‘ nest while gathering wood.

He said I crouched down to pick up firewood when, all of a sudden, wham! Like a snake bite. I was trying to process what might have happened when bam — another shrill pain in my ass cheek. Then one in the back of my head, then one under my armpit. I was running over a pair of yellow jackets.

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