Birthcare Center Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Update

Birthcare Center Season 2 release date is not announced yet, therefore we could only speculate when the next season of the series is going to return. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.



Another Korean drama has been listed by the team for renewal. Birthcare Center Season 2 is going to take place real soon. It has been rumored that people are already in love with the comedy-drama and eagerly waiting for the second installment of the show. But will there be any renewal already? Has anything been informed by the core team members and the production crew? We will try to answer everything the fans are waiting to know. So, let’s dig deeper to know more.

Official Announcement of Birthcare Center Season 2

As of now, we are lacking any confirmation about whether the show will happen or not. We can still rely on the rumors since the audience is very much waiting for the second season. It has already received praise and critical appreciation for portraying postpartum motherhood. It has been delivered with unique directing and realistic perspective, along with a tinge of light-hearted comedy.

Birthcare Center Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Update

Birthcare Center Season 2 Release Date 

The first season has just ended in November and has already made fans get gaga over the show. However, the production team has probably not yet started filming for the second season of the show. Therefore, we cannot announce the final dates for Birthcare Center Season 2 But we still can hope for the best!

With the best ratings of 4.2 percent, the first season has been a massive hit among the fans after it received the higher viewer ratings. After watching the excitement and demand for the show, Park Ha Sun took her Instagram to share her own views. She wrote, “For those who want it, let’s a petition to tvN for a second season titled ‘Daycare Center.”

The Cast

  • Uhm Ji Won as Oh Hyun Jin
  • Park Ha Sun as Jo Eun Jung
  • Choi Ri as Lee Roo Da
  • Jang Hye Jin as Choi Hye Sook
  • Yoon Park Kim Do Yoon
  • I’m Hwa Young as Park Yoon Ji

Birthcare Plot

The series has been written by Kim Ji Soo and directed by Park Soo-Won talks about the motherhood journal. It shows how the lead protagonist Oh Hyun Jin messes up after she delivered her first child. Since she does pretty well in work, she never expected bringing up a child would be this difficult. So, he turns up to a birth-care center. There she meets several ladies dealing with their babies. Gradually, she gears up and adapts the nooks and crannies needed to raise a baby.

Birthcare Center Trailer

Where to Watch Birthcare Center Season 2?

Birthcare Center is available on Viki for some regions. So those of you, who haven’t watched the show, can go and watch it over there. You can also watch Birthcar Center Season 2 on Viki when it releases.

But until Season 2 releases you can check out more news about Globin Slayer Season 2.

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