Black Clover Season 4: Release Date and Whether the Next Season is coming in 2021?

Written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata an adventure- fantasy-based drama, Black Clover is a Japanese anime television series that released its 4th season this December. The season starts with episode 155th titled, The 5 Spirit guardians”. Moreover, Black Cover Episode Season 4 is highly awaited by the fans of this anime to be out soon! Black Clover Season 4 to release in 2021?

Black Clover Season 4: Release Date

The Black Clover’s next episode The 5 Spirit Guardians will be released this December on 8th, at 6:25 JST. The episode will be premiered at the given time according to Japanese time. Those who want to watch the episodes of this anime can check it out on Crunchy roll

Black Clover Season 4: Release Date and Whether the Next Season is coming in 2021?

The Storyline

The story revolves around two fictional characters, Asta and Yuno who are on a journey of adventures after obtaining the five-leaf grimoire, which is connected to magical powers. These both orphan kids had grown up together, where Asta didn’t take birth with the magical powers but somehow becomes successful in obtaining it whereas Yuno is born with mysterious magic forms which were common in the village.

The plot of this anime series is very exciting and interesting and season 4 is more likely to have around 50 episodes which are an add-on for the fans of the show.

More on the Show!

The show has adaptations in anime tv series which was released in October 2017 and was produced by the well-known Pierot. Also, an animation video that was produced by Xebec Zwei was premiered in 2017. The new season comes with the announcing of a new Spirit Guardian called Gadjah who had already made an appearance in few episodes earlier.


The Characters

The anime has a variety of characters and the ones we might see in this season are as below:-

Main characters:-

  • Asta
  • Yuno
  • Noel Silva

Other squads and their characters such as:-

  • Wizard kingLumiere Silvamillion CloverJulius Novachrono
  • House Kira
  • Owen
  • Black Bull Squad

The Trailer

Black Clover Season 4 Trailer is Here for you!

Until we come back with More Updates about this Series, you can check Classroom of the Elite Season 2 & more.

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