‘Brad Pitt’ is SECRETLY DATING!!! ‘Jennifer Aniston’ after Divorce with ‘Angelina Jolie’: Here’s the Truth

The former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are getting back together in their secret beach wedding. They have fallen in love once again, after there latest film Once upon a time in Hollywood. They will keep their wedding mostly unsocial. The couple does not want any hype about their wedding, so they will keep their ceremony in wraps.

The reunion of the couple surprised the world. Both their families are happy and will gather around for the celebration. Through the sources, Courtenay Cox and Bradley Cooper will appear as the star guests in their wedding celebration. “They want it to be romantic and beautiful. The theme will be spiritual, and they’ll make handwritten vows,” the insider said.

They are officially getting married in Cabo. The wedding vows will be taken conventionally in a beautiful and romantic theme. “What Brad craves most now is getting settled down and living happily with his soulmate, Jen,” the insider said.

The official date of the delightful ceremony will get revealed soon. There will be no Media convergence during the wedding as they do not want any chaos or public eye.

After the affair, they are also planning to adopt a child. The rumor of the couple getting together is a piece of big news for everyone. The couple got noticed everywhere, the parties, award functions, birthday celebrations. They seemed close to each other.
They held each other’s hand in the backstage during an award show.

During the SAG Awards show, Brad Pitt went cheering for Aniston. He uttered, “oh my God” over the speech of Jennifer. Later, she added, “It just feels like a really fun night to cheer each other on. We’ve all grown up together, we really have.”
Jennifer is happy about her wedding with Brad Pitt. She seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest.

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